7 Eye Makeup Tricks for Avoiding the Mistakes We All Make

7 Biggest Eye Makeup Mistakes We All Make

Easy eye makeup tricks to fix all of the common eye makeup bloopers.

On the surface, eye makeup seems pretty straightforward: Just swipe it across your lids and mosey on with your day. But in reality, there’s more to the process than meets the eye (pun totally intended). This could explain why every time you apply your eye makeup, something feels a little… off.

Here are eye makeup tricks to help avoid the common mistakes we all make, and how to turn things around:

1. Using liquid foundation as a base

You’d think that using liquid foundation on your lids would be no biggie, but in fact the opposite is true: Because it’s not intended for this purpose, it’s more likely to crease and make your eye makeup look cakey. For a neat, crease-free look that lasts all day, use an eyeshadow primer before applying your eye makeup.

2. Applying eyeshadow after concealer

When you put concealer on first, it becomes a magnet for the powdery eyeshadow that doesn’t stay on your lids. By applying your eyeshadow first, any powder that makes its way down your face can be quickly brushed off, keeping all of your hard work in tact.

3. Forgetting to blend

We all love a gorgeously contoured eye—but if there’s a harsh line between each color, your eyes end up looking very… well, paint-by-number. After applying different colors to your lids (for example, one or two on your lid and then another on your brow bone), make sure to blend each shade into the next with a shadow brush. And make sure you use a separate brush to blend than you used to apply your colors to avoid a muddy finish.

4. Applying too much shadow below the eye

Only dab your shadow on the lower lash line and don’t go any farther down. Doing so will drag down your entire look—and may even give off the impression you’re wearing yesterday’s smudgey makeup.

5. Using shimmery shadows on aging lids

Frosty shadows give aging lids an insta-cakey look, which draws attention to wrinkles and makes your eyes look tired. Swap them out for eyeshadows that have matte and satin finishes instead.

6. Using the applicators that come with the shadow

Sure, the mini-applicators eyeshadows come with are handy, but they can’t offer you the polished, blended finish that a makeup brush can. By using the sponge applicator, you run the risk of applying too much shadow, as opposed to layering and subtly blending as you go.

7. Skipping liner and mascara

Honestly, what’s eyeshadow without eyeliner and mascara? The darkness of the liner and mascara offer a stark contrast to the color of your shadow, which is what makes your eyes look dayuuum.

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