7 Hand and Nail Care Tips (or How to Look Like a Hand Model)

7 Hand and Nail Care Tips (or How to Look Like a Hand Model)

So, you may not use your hands to pay the bills. That doesn’t mean you don’t want them looking their best at all times, right? Here are simple ways to model-worthy mitts.

Feel you don’t have time for yet another skincare regimen? This hand-friendly routine will keep your digits and nails lovely, and doesn’t take up a lot of time. Promise.

All you need are the right products and tools. Plus, a little discipline. Let’s get your fingers primed.

7 Hand Model-Worthy Hand and Nail Care Tips

1. Moisturizer. Ah, yes. It seems many a skincare dilemma boils down to increased moisturization. Ever wonder why lotion alone seems to do nothing for dry hands? A water-based lotion does not hold moisture into skin as well as an oil-based product, and can even further dryness. Try a rich cream made with plant butters and oils, like Odacite Intensive Hand & Heel Therapy. And don’t forget to rub into nails too.

2. Exfoliate. You do it to your face and body, don’t forget to exfoliate hands too. Removing dead skin cells means moisturizer can more easily soak into skin. It also makes skin smoother and younger looking. Indie Lee Coconut Citrus Body Scrub uses sugar to slough away dry skin, while coconut and jojoba oils soften. And the scrumptious summery smell makes it a true treat.

3. Cuticle maintenance. You’ve probably heard it a million times. Healthy cuticles equal healthy nails. Believe it! Keep those little suckers wrangled before they are out of hand by pushing them back gently with a cuticle pusher or orange stick. A cuticle oil, like Vapour Organic Beauty Replenish Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil, helps to soften them and make them easier to push. Carefully trim away any excess with nippers. Note: Don’t go too nuts on the trimming or you’ll end up with sore cuticles. I speak from experience.

4. Glass file. It really does make a difference. Those gravely emery boards can tear and split nails. A glass file is much gentler on nails and especially beneficial if your nails tend to split or are weak. Use Priti Crystal Glass Nail File. Note: The pointy tip makes a great cuticle pusher, too.

5. Wear gloves. Winter is over. But we are talking wearing gloves indoors, here. If you are cleaning your bathroom, washing dishes, or doing some other task where your hands will be in water, throw on a pair of work gloves. If You Care Cotton-Lined Household Gloves are made with natural, renewable latex and are chemical-free. Your hands and nails will thank you.

6. Nail brush. You can only imagine the gunk and bacteria that grow under nails. Not trying to freak you out, just pointing out the importance of a regular scrubbing. Plus, this move makes nails look healthy and whitens tips. Use Swissco Wooden Nail Brush Natural Bristle.

7. Use 5-free polish. Now for the fun part. Showing off those gorgeous hands. Choose a fresh color (or two) for spring in a 5-free polish. 5-free are made without the most harmful polish ingredients, so they not only keep nails from drying out and breaking, but are healthier for you too.

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