5 Natural Hair Masks to Fix Any Hair Dilemma

100% Pure Sea Algae Hair Mask

You know how a facial mask infuses skin with supple moisture and healthy glow, like instantly? Well, natural hair masks can do the same for your mane. Let’s talk about which have the healthiest ingredients and work like a charm for banishing bad hair days.

Whether your hair is dry, frizzy, limp, thinning, or simply not as shiny and bouncy as it used to be, it could use a boost of healthy ingredients.

Natural shampoos and conditioners help to maintain beautiful hair. But when your ‘do is in a true funk, it needs intensive treatment.

Maybe you’ve turned to conventional hair treatments in the past to undo damage caused by sun, chlorine, cold temps, over-processing, or simply badly behaved hair. Know why they make hair feel so slippery smooth? A whopping dose of silicones and other synthetic ingredients that coat strands. Sure, hair may seem immediately repaired, but one shampooing is all it takes to return hair to its former less-than-glory.

Hair masks made with natural oils and butters are ideal for repairing damaged or stressed hair. Use one to two times weekly for bouncy, happy hair. Applying a heated towel over mask will help to deliver powerful ingredients into strands.

Yes, you can create your own DIY hair mask. But if you are in the market for something premade, I highly recommend the following organic hair masks.

5 Natural Hair Masks for Any Hair Dilemma

St. Tropica Coconut Oil Hair Mask

1. St. Tropica Coconut Oil Hair Mask: Coconut oil is one of the best ingredients for treating dry, damaged, or stressed out hair. It has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft for long-lasting softening and reparative effects. This Certified Organic hair mask also contains healthy hair ingredients, like biotin, green tea, amla, and horsetail. Easily heated in microwavable pouch. Perfect for all hair types.

Yarok Feed Your Moisture Masque

2. Yarok Feed Your Moisture Masque: Made with coconut crème, plus nutrient-rich seaweed and skin calming aloe to soothe and hydrate dry, dull, or frizzy hair. This gentle hair mask is especially good for sensitive scalps.

100% Pure Sea Algae Hair Mask

3. 100% Pure Sea Algae Hair Mask: For hair in need of intensive moisture, this is your baby. Made with argan, coconut, and avocado oils, plus shea butter, this mask also includes red algae to strengthen hair. Improves the look and feel of weakened hair and helps to detangle. Ideal for those with limp or thinning hair.

Rahua Omega-9 Hair Mask

4. Rahua Omega-9 Hair Mask: Ungurahua oil absorbs into strands for super softening, while quinoa strengthens delicate hair. Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils add aromatherapeutic properties. Especially beneficial to dry, weak, and brittle hair.

La Tierra Sagrada Treatment

5. La Tierra Sagrada Treatment: Like your hair mask with a whole lotta luxe? This beauty ought to do. Ever lovin’ coconut oil combines with other exotic ingredients for a super indulgent hair treat. Babassu oil not only nourishes and heals scalp and hair, but cools too. Palo Santo and Ayahuasca Vine Sacred Plant Essence strengthen and protect strands. Ideal for anyone looking for a spa-quality experience.

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