Diet Whiskey is an Actual Thing Now

Diet whiskey exists and that makes us sad.

Brace yourselves. There’s a new drink and diet trend. It’s diet whiskey… So, now that exists.

Recently, Vice reported on a new brand of diet whiskey that is deigned for the calorie-cutting drinker. The name of this so-called diet whiskey? THINN Light Whiskey.

Now, I’m pretty much against this whiskey from the get go. Call me crazy, but I just don’t think whiskey drinkers are too concerned with calorie counts. And the name… Can we just all agree to never, ever call anything skinny or thin anymore? I mean, I get that people want to watch their waistlines, but selling a diet product by insinuating that it’ll make you thin is really gross. Especially when it’s whiskey.

Anyhow. I’ll now step off my soapbox, and give you the diet whiskey’s specs.

THINN Light Whiskey is produced in Genoa, Ohio. The spirit is “vacuum distilled in small batches,” which results “in a low temperature distilled process.” This process is supposed to highlight the whiskey’s sweetness and its “smooth wheat finish.”

According to Vice, the 80-proof liquor comes in an original version (the one we’re discussing here), and in cinnamon and blueberry versions. Both of the flavored versions are 70 proof.

The real mystery about low-calorie liquors is that full-calorie liquors aren’t really packed with calories. Vice reports that in general, a one-ounce serving of whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka “all clock in at 64 calories.” And while Skinnygirl, another low-calorie liquor on the market, has fewer calories (Vice reports that a “1.5-ounce serving of Skinnygirl White Peach Margarita, for example, contains only 35.5 calories”), it is only a 25.4 proof.

What do you think about diet whiskey? Would you buy it? Am I a total jerk for thinking that the name THINN is gross?

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