Jiggle Your Way to Weight Loss


Jiggling, dancing, jumping up and down like a maniac to frenetic music – that’s how we started each Tantra class when I was offered free “lessons” from a couple I worked for on Maui. The whole point of vibrating your body like this was to get all your energy channels open and flowing. All I can say is, oh yeah, it felt good.

Now OSU’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences has found that daily vibrating can help build bone density and aid in weight loss. They placed rats on a vibration platform and those rats ended up weighing less and having less body fat than sedentary rats after 12 weeks of observation. Plus, researchers noticed that whole-body vibration increases energy and metabolism because of increased oxygen intake.

I say skip the vibration platform and jiggle yourself silly at home. You’ll feel healthier, energized and maybe even sexier. I wonder if other aspects of Tantric practice are good for losing weight too?

Source: Physorg

Image: Clearly Ambiguous