Is the Clean Tee the Most Sustainable T-Shirt Ever?

The Clean Tee is here... if it can get Kickstarted.

You may buy a lot of organic clothing. But do you own the most sustainable t-shirt in the world?

Well, unless you own the “Clean Tee” from Nomadix, a California-based company, you answer is No, no you do not.

The commercial apparel industry isn’t known for its sustainable aspects.

“The apparel industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet,” Treehugger reports.

“The clothes we wear on a daily basis contribute to environmental problems, from the growing of cotton and the application of pesticides and water, to the manufacturing process, which also generates vast quantities of wastewater, to the piles of unwanted or worn-out clothes that get tossed in landfills each year. It’s something that we, as consumers, seriously need to rethink.”

Nomadix wants to put an end to all that waste.

The company started off on its sustainable journey by making 100-percent recycled material beach towels. That move inspired the company to join forces with Recover Textiles, a Spanish producer of upcycled  cotton yarns, to create the Clean Apparel campaign.

And that’s where the Clean Tee comes in.

The Clean Apparel campaign was founded to help raise money to create the Clean Tee. “The Clean Tee is highly unusual; it is made entirely from recycled cotton,” Treehugger reports.

“The manufacturing process…consists of re-blending cotton from used clothing and textile waste to create new yarn, which is then combined with recycled poly, turned into fabric, and sewn into a T-shirt. Even the color of the Clean Tee is created through the ‘color-blend process,’ which does not use additional water or dye.”

So, if you ever hear a company’s PR team say it’s impossible to create a shirt that is totally sustainable, they are full of bull.

You can help the Clean Tee project become a reality by donating to its Kickstarter campaign. The brand has to get to $20,000 by June 10, and as of May 31, it still had a little less than half to go.

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