Enjoying Valentine’s Day: The Commitment-Phobe’s Guide (Includes Chocolate)


There’s Valentine’s Day advice for singles and couples, but what about commitment-phobes?

I’m a commitment-phobe of the worst kind and it spills into every aspect of my life: I can barely get through lunch with a guy without attempting to escape through the bathroom window. The baby aisle of the grocery store causes me to hyperventilate. Appointments give me a rash. I’m allergic to concrete plans of any kind.

So when Valentine’s Day rolls around, whether I’m dating someone or not, I have to bust out the Benadryl. If I’m in a relationship, I end up all verklempt because Valentine’s Day normally translates to “let’s express where we are in the relationship.” If I’m single, I end up all verklempt on behalf of my panic-stricken friends… and secretly feel guilty that I’m relieved I’m not them.

Truthfully though, I love Valentine’s Day. I enjoy watching everyone put their best foot forward, set their emotional baggage aside, and focus on what’s really important. Until I’ve dealt with my own baggage and can enjoy Valentine’s Day without getting hives, I’ve compiled a round-up of things commitment-phobes like myself can look forward to:

1. Pink + Red Drinks
It’s the one day each year you can order girly drinks because they’re festive without accusations of being a lightweight.

2. Couple Specials at Restaurants
It’s the best time to stock up on your fave takeout. One order will last you two dinners and a lunch!

3. Baking
What better time to make your favorite desserts and spend the day stuffing your face? Valentine’s Day is the one day this is expected.

4. Heart-Shaped EVERYTHING
It’s like being 12 again (without all of the awkward, adolescent crap you’re still trying to get over).

5. Chocolate

6. Chick Flicks
From the beginning of February leading right up to Valentine’s Day, there’s always a smorgasbord of rom-coms and gushy movies on TV.

7. Boy Bands
I feel weird being 30 and listening to boy bands: It’s like I’m the college guy at the high school party. That being said, I found my New Kids on the Block cassette tape and you can bet your ass I’m going to listen to it on Valentine’s Day. It’s just allowed.

8. Flowers
You can order flowers for yourself and make the card out from anyone you want!

9. Online Shopping
Valentine’s Day equals tons of specials, especially for bras, underwear and beauty supplies. Whether in a relationship or not, it’s the perfect time to stock up on essentials.

10. Valentine’s Day Cards
Not just any cards, but those adorable cardboard ones we used to hand out in school. They’re so fun, and would mean a lot to those panic-stricken friends of yours.

11. Spending the Day in Bed
If you can swing it, this is the biggest cha-ching of all no matter your relationship status.

12. Nicholas Sparks Everything
His movies make me sob like an infant in the best way possible. Why not have the girls over for a communal nervous breakdown?

13. February 15th
Chocolate at CLEARANCE prices. Need I say more?

What are your favorite things about Valentine’s Day?

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Krissy Brady

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