The Latest Korean Beauty Trend Will Make You Roll Over (You’re Gonna Lap it Up!)

The Latest Korean Beauty Trend You Want to Know About (You’re Gonna Lap This Up)

We’ve been doing the cat eye for a while now. Feline is way femme, but what’s cuter than a little puppy? Nothing! Which is why Korean beauty gives us puppy eyeliner.

Yep, it sounds weird. Not denying that. But leave it to K beauty to come up with something a teensy bit strange-sounding that turns out to be absolutely adorable. The latest Korean beauty trend is called “puppy eyeliner” and it is too sweet. Where cat eye is pure sexy, puppy dog eye is a more innocent and adorable look.

Still can’t get behind it? Think of the last time your pup peered up at you after ripping apart your favorite (and expensive) shoes. Yeah, that. Okay, now that you get the picture, let’s talk how to get the puppy eye look. It’s fairly simple and so darn lovable.

How to Create the Korean Beauty Puppy Eye

Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow Grace

  1. First, apply shadow from lash line to crease in a warm beige. Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Grace is a great powder option. If you’d rather go with a cream shadow, try Ilia Beauty Silken Shadow Stick in In Between Days.

Vapour Mesmerize Eyeliner

2. Of course, you’ll need a black eyeliner. Actually, this look requires two black liners. Following the natural contour of your upper lid, apply a line of pencil along your lash line. When you get to the outer edge, extend the line slightly downward (opposite of the upward line with the cat eye). Now, go over the pencil with liquid liner. Two to try: Vapour Mesmerize Eyeliner pencil and Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner.

Kjaer Weis Mascara

3. The puppy eye look requires a healthy coat or two of black mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Kjaer Weis Mascara in black will have you baby golden doodle-ready, no problem.

Vapour Halo Illuminator

4. A touch of highlighter applied to inner corners of eyes finishes up the look. Go for a bright highlighter, like RMS Beauty Living Luminizer or Vapour Halo Illuminator.

You can check out the how-to video below, too for more info.

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