What Do Dreams Mean? And How Decoding Them Can Rock Your World

What Do Dreams Mean? And How Decoding Them Can Rock Your World

You know how a good dream makes you feel great? And a bad dream does the exact opposite? So what do dreams mean, and how can they help you kick negative thoughts to the curb and improve your life?

Sometimes they are seemingly random. Other times they are obviously about a life event or struggle. Have you considered what your dreams are telling you?

Some psychologists put a lot of stock in dreams, considering them higher forms of contemplation. Makes sense if you think of dreams as distraction free thought that is much more intuitive than our ordinary daily thoughts.

Not only are dreams interesting, but may be tools to a better life. By paying attention to what your mind is mulling over while you catch your Zs, you can unveil what’s troubling you, working for you, and even gain help in making decisions.

Carl Jung may have been one of the original believers, but dream symbolism is becoming increasingly popular. While dreams are as individual as the dreamer, there are certain themes that seem to run true. Jung disciple and psychotherapist, Carder Stout, recently did a fascinating interview with GOOP that went further into the dream/reality connection.

Stout says not only do our dreams connect with our subconscious, but with universal archetypes. For instance, those naked in public dreams that crop up from time to time? You may be feeling vulnerable or unprotected in some way. Dreaming of a scary woman, maybe even someone you know? This isn’t so much about them as you, representing a part of our own personality that we aren’t so crazy about. And every mother out there is likely familiar with the misplaced child nightmare. Guess what, that one is not a premonition of bad parenting, but a signal that you may be denying the childlike qualities in yourself and need to have more fun. What a relief!

Ready to delve deeper into your own psyche? Start by making notes on dreams in the morning and see if you can come up with real life connections that speak to you. Or type your dream character or symbol into DreamsCloud, a free app that shares insights and scenarios on dreams. Read up on dream interpretation with “Your Mind at Night: Dream Interpretation Guide for Beginners” by Frances Long and “Beginner’s Guide to Dream Interpretation: Uncover the Hidden Riches of Your Dreams with Jungian Analyst“.

Think of dreams as meditation while you sleep, opening up greater insight into the true you. What do you think? Interested in dream analysis?

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