What Type of Organic Beauty are You? [Quiz]

What Type of Organic Beauty are You?

Does going green in the beauty department mean you can never use a luxe face cream again or have to go makeup free? Gosh no! There are natural beauty products for every type of gal. Find out what your organic beauty profile is and which products you are sure to love.

You know how some women are super into beauty products and won’t leave home without their “face” on? Then there are those who prefer a much more simple approach, often eschewing makeup altogether. Are you one of these? Or maybe you fall somewhere in between.

You’ve scanned the shelves of your local natural market, only to leave empty handed and bewildered. You’ve searched online beauty stores and still can’t figure out which products are for you. Let’s uncover your organic beauty profile and find out exactly what you’ll love.

Answer the following questions to solve the mystery of … what type of organic beauty are you?

Your morning beauty routine looks most like:

a) A splash of water and you are out the door
b) A simple cleanse and moisturize, foundation and lip balm
c) You wake up a half hour early just to allow time for makeup

At midday you:
a) Grab a green smoothie
b) Reapply lip balm
c) Rehydrate your skin, powder your nose, check your brows and lips

Time for bed. Now you…
a) Go to bed, duh
b) Use the same cleanser and moisturizer as morning.
c) Take your time removing makeup, cleansing and toning skin, using a treatment and nighttime specific moisturizer

A high end, spa quality beauty product feels like:
a) A what?
b) A gift you’d like to receive but would never spend the money on
c) A staple

When purchasing new beauty and personal care products you:
a) Look for those with the fewest ingredients, all natural, of course
b) Stick with the tried and true, deciphering ingredient listings is something you avoid
c) Check out the latest thing you’ve seen on Instagram

What you look for in beauty products is:
a) Something natural that gets the job done, no frills
b) Products free from toxins that help your skin but aren’t over the top expensive
c) Items that offer all the bells and whistles – anti-aging, protection, latest ingredients, but safe too

If you answered:

Mostly As mean you are a minimalist beauty gal who uses products that are either DIY or contain fewer than six ingredients. You’ve learned how to take care of your skin with the least fuss. You could, however, be missing out on some pretty awesome natural ingredient benefits. All natural cleansers and moisturizers nourish and support skin. And this does not have to be a time consuming affair. Skin Naked Face Unscented Wash and Skin Naked Unscented Face & Body Lotion are natural skincare basics at their best.

Mostly Bs say you use some products but aren’t super committed to a full beauty routine. Using items free from harmful ingredients is important to you, but you may be missing out on some super skin supporters by not branching out. Be sure to stick with products suited to your skin type and learn to read your ingredient listings. Try Acure Organics for straightforward skincare at reasonable prices. Acure products can also be found at many Target stores and Whole Foods. Tinted moisturizer or BB Cream offers hydration and light coverage in one product. And if you are in the mood to try something new, replace your lip balm with a balm/color hybrid.

Mostly Cs tell the story of a true beauty product lover. You read beauty mags and blogs to keep up on the latest ingredients and innovations. You use anti-aging skincare and go the extra yard to keep skin healthy. You prefer safe, natural products and often go by product recommendations. Be sure you can trust the safety commitment of those you follow. Learning to read ingredient listings yourself is key to ensuring a high quality natural product free from nasty chemicals. Now back to those beauty treats. Tata Harper and Vered Organic Botanicals are two full product lines that offer the gamut in luxe organic beauty. As for makeup? It’s hard to beat the quality and high performance (not to mention modern color and packaging) of Ilia Beauty and Kjaer Weis.

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