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Vegan Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe


The following sweet potato muffins recipe is 100% vegan and even more delicious! Enjoy warm, with a slab of coconut butter.

To me, the best part of autumn and winter is the advent of the sweet potato in my diet. It is sweet and light, but incredibly filling, warm and full of sweet surprises. I love it in just about every way – sautéed, fried, baked and even raw.

The sweet potato is full of nutrition and helps to bring more bulk and texture to these muffins. In one sweet potato …

USDA Farming Techniques Improve Ugandan Crop Yields

ugandan farmers photo

Between 1987-2007 much of Northern Uganda was engaged in a civil war that left the rural nation closed off to development and investment. It also left the population with a serious food insecurity issue. Now USDA’s Food for Progress Program, along with The National Cooperative Business Association-Cooperative League of the United States of America International (NCBA-CLUSA) and Mercy Corps are teaching small farmers in the area farming techniques to increase their yields.

Ugandan farmers like Grace Opono have implemented farming techniques that have helped her double her yields in just two seasons. Now …

21 Ways to Use Flax Seeds


Get your hands on some flax seeds immediately.

Flax seeds might seem a little boring, but their uses really are endless. They’re rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, making them the wunderkind of the health food world, helpful for digestion, and even linked to lower cholesterol levels.

Most people tend to recommend ground flax seeds over whole, as they’re easier for your body to digest. As long as you have a coffee grinder, you can grind flax seeds. Otherwise you can also buy flax seed meal, which is pre-ground.

Looking to get more …

Healthy Fats: A Guide to Smart Cooking Oil Choices

olive oil

If you are shunning butter and looking for an oil to use for a variety of different cooking purposes as well as to benefit from healthy fats, the following list will serve you well.

I list three main oils as well as a few others that are incredibly versatile, common and cover all your fatty needs. While I am a personal fan of butter, I find that its cooking temperature is quite low and I have trouble cooking certain dishes in the manner I desire. Oil generally has a higher cooking …

The Question of Real Food: Does it Really Matter What You Eat? Foodie Underground


ColumnDo we really have to care about real food all the time?

Let’s be 100 percent honest with each other: sometimes eating well is a pain. It’s time consuming. It’s exhausting. So many choices to make, so many things to pay attention to and sometimes you just want to buy a damn pineapple even though you know it crossed half the world to get to you.

In these moments it’s so easy to ask oneself, “does it really matter what I eat?”

Deep down, you know the short answer to that question. Between a …

Zucchini Patties Recipe with Lemon-Yogurt Sauce

zucchini patties

These indulgent zucchini patties highlight the sweetness of this popular late summer vegetable.

If the word “fried” scares you don’t run screaming after step 3. Yes, you will need to fry these zucchini patties once they are assembled but it’s just a flash fry and most of the oil will drain off on paper towels. These patties are the perfect starter to your light late summer meal. If you’re serving a salad for dinner, start with fritters to delight your guests as they assemble individual lettuce wraps.

Use a box …

How to Make Your Own Drinking Vinegar


Drinking vinegar: perfect for healthy sodas or creative cocktails. 

In the U.S., drinking vinegar, also known as a “shrub,” go back to colonial days, which makes sense: if you didn’t have a refrigerator and wanted to preserve fruit, mashing it up with sugar and adding a little vinegar was a great way to do so. Vinegar-based drinks go back even farther than that, all the way to Roman times in fact, when vinegar and water were mixed together for the drink called posca.

Tart and sweet all at the same time, drinking vinegars are …

5 Delicious Ways to Get Seaweed Benefits Into Your Diet




Not quite sure seaweed benefits are for you? You might want to think again.

Seaweed is a rich source of iodine and is known to stimulate the thyroid and cleanse the system of toxins, which makes it super beneficial to the diet. Some pinch their noses around it and others fear it is far too exotic and specialized in nature to prepare in the comfort of a home kitchen. However, seaweed is quite easy to work with and there are many different variations that you can experiment with to get …