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A Ghostly White Russian Recipe

white russian recipe  

There’s something so elegant about a pure white cocktail and this White Russian recipe is the pinnacle of sophistication.

Halloween can be about tricking and treating but it can also be about mystery and masquerade. This White Russian recipe floats eerily in a martini glass and makes a perfect dessert cocktail. Adding a dash of cinnamon transforms it into a warming flavorful treat.

This cocktail will look best in a long-stemmed martini glass but don’t worry if you don’t have them since any clear cocktail glass will do.One of my favorite ways …

3 Healthy Halloween Finger Food Recipes (Great for Kids!)

finger foods

Nothing spells indulgence quite like Halloween does. Have you ever eaten so many sweets at any other time in the year than on Halloween? Unfortunately, it’s easier to give into the lure of bottomless candy bags as a child than as an adult, when every bite makes that much more of a difference.

However, some of us simply don’t want to give into the sugar rush (or let our children do so) and instead try to keep our diet in check, even when temptation thrives. Here are 3 very …

Bad Fashion Won’t Kill You But Bad Food Will: Foodie Underground


ColumnEating well isn’t about consuming the trendiest of health foods. It’s simply about cutting all the bad food out.

There are a lot of parallels that we can draw between food and fashion, and in a world where more and more people are conscious about where there food comes from, why not expand that to where their clothes come from as well?

I read an article this week knocking Vivienne Westwood down for comments she had made both about eating and dressing ethically. “Clothes should cost more – they are so subsidized,” …

Organic Foodies Duped Into Eating McDonald’s…and They’re Loving It


This is totally effed up but also pretty hilarious. Watch these foodies get fooled into thinking McDonald’s is a healthy and tasty alternative…to McDonald’s? Yep. 

Find Jill on Twitter @jillettinger

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Halloween Cocktail Recipe: Grapefruit Gin Fizz with Blackberry ‘Guts’

halloween cocktail recipe: grapefruit gin fizz

Skip the spooky green punch and go for something refreshing and elegant like this Halloween cocktail recipe with grapefruit juice and fresh blackberries. 

Since it IS practically Halloween, get into the spirit by adding fresh blackberry compote or “guts” into the flesh-colored mixture of grapefruit, gin and club soda. While your guests are consuming handfuls of Halloween candy this drink will offer a cooling respite.

halloween cockatil recipe blackberry guts

The gin fizz is a classic cocktail usually made with …

Roasted Eggplant Recipe with Arugula and Avocado Salad

Roasted Eggplant Recipe with Cumin and Smoked Paprika

It’s very rare that I’ll make a salad without avocado, so naturally it’s ended up in this delicious roasted eggplant recipe with the aromatic spices of cumin and smoked paprika. 

I was craving the sweet spiciness of an Indian curry but didn’t want the heaviness of a stew so I took two of my favorite curry flavorings and used them as a coating for roasted eggplants. Cumin and smoked paprika have such rich flavors that I didn’t want to dilute with too many other …

10 Haikus About Real Food: Foodie Underground


ColumnThe beauty of real food boiled down into simple words.

Eat real food, and eat well.

Usually Foodie Underground is a lengthy column about some version of the six words above. Sometimes I feel that every week I am just trying to find a new and creative way to say the exact same thing: eat real food. One week it can be an argument for buying dirty vegetables, another a dive into the world of direct trade coffee. But ultimately, the message remains the same. And when you write the same message all …

California Bans GMO Salmon Production

salmon photo

GMO salmon have been a point of contention for a while now as the FDA sits on the issue. But California is taking major steps to keep so-called frankenfish out of their neck of the woods.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill banning the commercial production of GMO salmon in California waters in an effort to protect native species.

AB 504 will protect California’s native chinook and coho salmon species, like those prevalent in San Francisco’s Humboldt Bay. The salmon are already dealing a crippling drought, according to the bill’s author …