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Fresh Asparagus Salad Recipe with Cucumber, Radish and Goat Cheese


One surefire sign of spring is fresh asparagus at markets and in your garden. Not many people have eaten asparagus in its raw state, but this asparagus salad introduces fresh, uncooked asparagus in a deliciously light, crave-worthy way.

With summer around the corner, focus on nutritionally-dense salads that incorporate local, seasonal ingredients like asparagus. That way, you stay satisfied and fit. Dig into this fresh asparagus salad for lunch or a light dinner. Enjoy!

To make the raw asparagus stems more edible, they are peeled so that they resemble thin ribbons. The dressing, …

Book Review: ‘Eating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City’ by Elizabeth Minchilli

eating-rome elizabeth minchilli

If you’re looking for a delicious book that’s part cookbook and part travel memoir, you’ve found it. Elizabeth Minchilli’s “Eating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City” is a unique, honest romp, not through Rome, but through Elizabeth’s Rome — and it’s a fascinating journey.

Minchilli is an American with a strong connection to Rome. She lived in the city for two years as a child, moved back as a student, and now lives there full time with her Italian husband and two daughters. As a result, she’s the perfect authority …

What’s Wrong with Cooking Shows? Foodie Underground

What's Wrong with Cooking Shows? Foodie Underground

Column A new study links cooking shows and weight gain. Is the problem us, or what we’re watching?

Cooking at home is the best food choice you can make, right?

If you cook at home you can skip all the processed nasty stuff and focus on the good stuff. The real food. And with all the cookbooks and cooking shows out there, that has to be easy, right? That’s what we would like to think.

A new study published in the journal Appetite took a look at women who watched …

Vanilla Almond Butter Recipe

almond butter

This vanilla almond butter recipe is a simple, go-to nut butter recipe that gives you the opportunity to experiment and create the nut butter of your dreams.

These days, nut butters are increasingly accessible and are offered in so many unique flavors and combinations. Regardless of the options out there, it is reassuring to know that the best recipe, fit to your particular consistency, texture and taste preferences, is right at your fingertips.

If you are anything like me, you inhale a tub of almond butter within a week (or …

Vegan Mexican Black Bean Stew Recipe with Amaranth

black bean stew with amaranth grain

This spicy stew recipe is packed with protein from black beans and amaranth grain.

Red peppers, beets and cilantro add color and flavor.  This special grain (technically a seed) was famously cultivated by the Aztecs and the nutritional benefits of amaranth are outstanding. Similar to quinoa, these tiny beads of protein fluff up when simmered in water in with a short cooking time. Amaranth is gluten-free and can have up to 8 grams of protein per serving.

Do You Have to Be Well Off to Eat Well? Foodie Underground

Do You Have to Be Well Off to Eat Well? Foodie Underground

ColumnIf you eat well, does it mean you’re part of the one percent?

A comment that I get a lot in response to writing about eating locally and eating seasonally is that doing so is only doable for a small percentage of people; those with money. I have been told that it must be nice to be “picky” about what I eat. I have been reminded time and time and again that those who have a finite amount of money don’t always …

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee Recipe for a Chilled Out Morning Cuppa

cold brew

Cold brew coffee is picking up steam among caffeine lovers near and far, but is it fit for the home kitchen?

Cold brew coffee may seem like it requires unique technology to perfect, but it actually requires nothing more than a little time. With a little foresight, you can prepare yourself a smooth cold brew coffee beverage each and every morning. The following cold brew coffee recipe shows just how easy and fuss-free the process can be.

Besides its temperature, cold brew coffee bears other perks. Because it never comes …

St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast: Green Overnight Oats

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast: Green Overnight Oats

St. Patrick’s Day shouldn’t be an occasion to justify indulgence in green frosted cupcakes or party snacks that often are too full of white sugar, white flour and sodium. Instead, it should be an occasion to celebrate the color green in your diet in a healthy way.

Who needs an artificial green additive when there are plenty of plant-based foods that offer the color in a detox-friendly way, like green leaves? Incorporating green leaves into any meal instantly makes it more nutritious and wholesome. Start your St. …