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The Conscious Case Against Veganism: A Reader Rebuttal

Editor’s note: Laura Hooper Beck is a vegan writer, the founding editor of Vegansaurus, Editor-at-Large for VegNews Magazine, and the community manager of VegWeb. Laura tweets @mrpenguino. We appreciate her constructive contribution to this important conscious lifestyle issue. The Conscious Case Against Veganism is missing a critical element: the author’s […]

When the Mercury Rises: 3 Recipes with Cucumbers

When the weather is hot and sultry, what’s better than a cucumber? They’re refreshing, crunchy, cooling and in season now. (If only the weather were hot and sultry in the San Francisco Bay Area, but that’s another story.) There are so many different varieties available these days in farmers’ markets. […]

Celebrate Summer With Cheese: The Surprising Seasonal Food

Who knew that the hand-crafted ricotta in your shopping cart had a seasonal shelf-life? Surprise: milk is actually one of the most misunderstood ingredients from the farm, and a truly seasonal food. EcoSalon readers will agree that as a farmers market-shopping, tomato-growing, eco-conscious subset of society, we’ve become pretty savvy […]

Chobani Greek Yogurt: Naturally Healthy or Not? Behind the Label

ColumnChobani, the best-selling Greek yogurt in the U.S., has tapped into a market for healthy food, but is it all it claims? We go behind the label to find out. Founded in 2005 by Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani finally launched in 2007 to critical acclaim. The company now commands […]

The Incredible Healing Power of Red Bell Pepper

Red bell peppers are not used nearly as much as they should be. They are crisp to the bite and surprisingly sweet, which means they bring some unique textures and flavors to a raw salad or a cooked dish. Green peppers are simply unripe red peppers and don’t boast half […]

DIY Dip: Vegan Roasted Garlic and Beets Recipe

Beets are one of my favorite root vegetables to work with. They also taste quite unlike anything else, a mixture of sugary and earthy, making them ideal for both sweet and savory dishes.  Beets are blood cleansers, packed with vitamins and minerals and actually considered a natural aphrodisiac [PDF]. Flavor and health benefits aside, […]

Balsamic-Marinated Chicken Recipe with Olives and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Looking for a menu to wow even the most picky eater? Try this marinated chicken recipe that’s juicy and flavorful with the help of balsamic vinegar, Kalamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes. The key to this ridiculously succulent chicken is in the extended marinating. Don’t skimp on the 24-hour (48 hours […]

17 Surprising Sources of BPA and How to Avoid Them

After years of claiming it’s not a risk, the EPA has announced that it will formally list Bisphenol A (BPA) as a “chemical of concern”. Considering all the studies showing how this hormone disruptor can affect our bodies, this is great news – but don’t expect big changes anytime soon. […]

Overcooked: Beeting It Into the Ground

I love beets. Don’t get me wrong. In fact, I have some roasted ones in my refrigerator that I’ve been eating on salads all week long. They’re good for you, are sweet, tasty, easy to prepare and store, and are readily available, but if I see one more beet salad […]

Vancouver’s Granville Island Market: One-Stop Shopping for a Taste of Canada

Granville Island in Vancouver is home to one of the North American continent’s great public markets: visitors love British Columbia’s progressive, green capital, which boasts an eclectic, multi-cultural dining scene. For regional produce and other edibles, Granville Island is a must-visit. Granville Island was settled in the late 19th century, […]

10 DIY Cocktail Syrups for Delicious Summer Drinking

Enjoy these easy to make DIY cocktail syrups.  Warm afternoons and sparkling drinks; is there anything better than a summer cocktail? Well, maybe drinking a summer cocktail barefoot. The trick of summer cocktails is, of course, a good syrup. Fortunately, simple syrup is exactly that: simple. Here are 10 DIY cocktail […]

3 Reasons Your Next Bottle Of Wine Should Be Organic

You look for the organic label on apples and eggs, but what about when it comes to wine? There’s more to a bottle of wine than just bouquet and alcohol content. In fact, when shopping for the best wine, the organic label may be the most important factor. We don’t […]

Foodie Underground: Cycled Coffee

Kombucha, organics, whole grains, kale – there’s a lot happening in the underground food movement that relates directly to living a healthier lifestyle – except for maybe cupcakes. Foodies have long understood the value of living a balanced lifestyle, and having an appreciation for good food is often teamed with […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: I’m Off Nightshades

ColumnYou’re nothing til you’re nothing. I once dated a bright man who remarked that after years and years of girlfriends, he had simply come to accept the fact that every woman, no matter how sane and healthy she might appear to be, has at least one serious food “thing.” One […]

4 Swanky (and Skinny!) Memorial Day Cocktail Recipes

Memorial Day is just around the corner and nothing screams warm weather and an impending summer quite like a fruity gesture. The following four cocktail recipes gear you up for a buzz-worthy summer. And these cocktail recipes are not only delicious, they are also good to your waistline! The ingredients […]

Spätzle: German Egg Noodles

How to make delicious egg noodles for stews. Årsta fältet, a flat field in a suburb of Stockholm, may not be the most exotic place to visit in the capital city of Sweden. But somewhere in that field I had one of my most peculiar food memories ever. It was […]

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How to Barbecue Tofu (Plus a Delicious Tofu Marinade Recipe!)

Tofu is fuss-free and makes it easy for you to get in a vegan meat alternative for protein this summer. But not sure how to barbecue tofu? All you need are these 7 tips and you are minutes away from a juicy tofu “steak” with that yummy grill taste.  Whether you’ve […]

A Salute! With EcoSalon’s The Box: Made In America

EcoSalon’s Made In America Box features items that are made right here in the U.S.A! July is an all-around patriotic month here in the states, so join your fellow eco-friendly patriots with a box of products worth $494.85, for just $129 + free shipping!     You see it everywhere: The […]

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Matcha Green Tea: Putting Other Teas to Shame

Matcha green tea’s vibrant green powder tastes a lot like green tea, but it offers more potent and meaningful health benefits.  Matcha green tea is a fine powder green tea native to Japan. Matcha green tea tastes like green tea, only a bit more full-bodied. In one gram of matcha […]

What If We Committed to Grow Food, Not Lawns? Foodie Underground

If you commit to “grow food not lawns,” you’re not just committing to better food security, you’re committing to a better community. “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” ― Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution I’ve been thinking […]