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Would You Date a Vegetarian? 30 Percent of Omnivores Wouldn’t

The realities of conscious dating.  We know it can sometimes feel as though there’s little love for vegetarians – see Anthony Bourdain’s vegan villains or that family down the street from you with the “Save a Cow, Eat a Vegetarian” bumper sticker – but now it’s getting personal! According to a Today.com survey of 4,000 […]

Recipe: Spicy Mango Citrus Ceviche

The benefits of mango with a recipe to add to the love. Mango is a meaty fruit that holds its own quite well in more complex dishes. It is a nutrition powerhouse with some major benefits – it lowers cholesterol, regulates sex hormones, boosts sex drive, improves concentration and memory, […]

Sunday Brunch: Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Whip up these delicious gluten-free versions of the traditional cinnamon roll.  Many of us have a Christmas morning tradition, and for one of our favorite food bloggers, Shauna James Ahern of Gluten Free Girl, it’s cinnamon rolls. These rolls happen to be 100% gluten free and are sure to please a […]

Jesus, Enough With the Chicken

Chicago is getting its very first Chick-fil-A in April and people are pretty close to losing their minds as the fast food giant expands across the Midwest. Chicago has enough problems with its collective weight (thanks, pizza), and Chick-fil-A’s staunch stance against gay marriage makes me queasy. The company also […]

15 Sparkling Drinks That Aren’t Champagne

Celebratory sparkling drinks that aren’t champagne. Toast! I live by the policy that everything is better with bubbles, be it champagne, prosecco or muddled blackberries and sparkling water. There’s something about a fizzy drink that’s festive. But you don’t have to have a standard bottle of bubbly on hand to […]

Foodie Underground: In Search of French Kale

ColumnWhere can I find ‘le kale’? There are certain staples in the Foodie Underground diet: coffee, quinoa, sea salt, red wine, cardamom, kale. In fact, we all have staples; the essentials that we depend on, the stuff that we’ll never dream of being without. The ingredients that wake you up […]

Could Reusable Shopping Bags Make You Sick?

Could your reusable shopping bags be making you sick? According to a recent study, the answer is yes. The study, commissioned and funded by the Environment and Plastics Industry Council (EPIC) in Canada, collected reusable bags randomly from consumers on the streets of Toronto. These bags, most of which were […]

Caramelized Onion and Smoked Gouda Panini Recipe

The onions are the secret to this panini recipe. To truly caramelize them, be patient—drawing the natural sugars out of the onions takes low heat and time. With the addition of smoky Gouda cheese, this luxurious combination is worth the wait. Makes 2 sandwiches Ingredients levain bread, 4 slices, each […]

Craft Sodas That Will Quench Your Thirst

Hipster cliché or not, craft sodas are showing up in bars and on menus nationwide, and that’s a good thing. Move over, high fructose corn syrup and artificial colorings, there’s a new carbonated beverage in town. Craft sodas are reaching their tipping point. Joining the ranks of trendsetters like DRY […]

Foodspotting Friday: Holiday Cheer on the Rocks

10 liquid ways to beat the winter chill. Baby, it’s starting to get cold outside – the perfect excuse to warm up with a little holiday cheer. And by “holiday cheer,” we mean a stiff drink. Whether your poison is cider, champagne, coffee, or cranberry, this week’s Foodspotting Friday offers […]

Recipe: The Perfect (Kitchen Sink) Salad

A colorful salad you make in a bowl, not in the sink. Some call this the kitchen sink salad; I call it the perfect salad. It is fail proof and fails to bore, even if you have it everyday! Packed with nutrition and flavor and with enough substance to keep […]

Honey, Ginger Sparkling Lemonade with Rosemary

A sparkling dose of summer.  My friend Beda and I have an ongoing long distance food affair. Settled in a small town in Colorado, we send each other recipes on a regular basis, recommending new food books and asking for tips on what we should bring as a side to […]

Is Love Really an Ingredient?

Our intentions play a huge role in everything we do. But is love really a food ingredient? How does it taste? A recent post in The Atlantic left me a little perplexed. Jen Doll deconstructs a favorite faux gras lentil and walnut spread—not because it makes a guilt-free version of […]

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Matcha Green Tea: Putting Other Teas to Shame

Matcha green tea’s vibrant green powder tastes a lot like green tea, but it offers more potent and meaningful health benefits.  Matcha green tea is a fine powder green tea native to Japan. Matcha green tea tastes like green tea, only a bit more full-bodied. In one gram of matcha […]

4 Reasons Your Green Juice Recipe is All Wrong

You may be a daily juicer and feeling super healthy because of it, but what if I told you that your juice may be doing more harm than good – that your pride-and-joy, greener than green juice is a sugar bomb or maybe even an overly-medicinal poison? Learn why your […]

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The Nordic Diet: Eating Like a Viking is Good for All of Us

Is the Nordic Diet just the new “it” thing or is it actually a sustainable approach to food? If it’s not one diet, it’s another, because let’s face it: we want the magic trick that will keep is fit and slim. The truth is, there is no magic trick, the best […]