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Black Bean Brownies Recipe: Gluten, Dairy and Egg-Free

black bean brownies

Here’s the perfect scenario—a dense, moist brownie packed with cocoa polyphenols and bean nutrition—protein, fiber, and even antioxidants! The beans replace the grains and some of the fat in this gluten-free, egg-free black bean brownies recipe. I guarantee that nobody will guess the magic ingredient—black beans—in this delicious treat. What a great way to get kids (and grown- ups!) to eat their beans.

Makes 16 servings (one 2 by 2-inch brownie each)

Black Bean Brownies Recipe


Nonstick cooking spray
One 15-ounce (425 g) can black beans, no salt

The No-Diet Diet Plan: Foodie Underground


ColumnWhat does my diet plan consist of? Nothing, it’s not really a plan at all.

We’ve discussed diets before on Foodie Underground, but we’re going to do it again. Because it’s a conversation that’s worth having more than once.

A while back, a friend asked me, “Are you ‘gluten-free’ or just ‘good bread only’?”

I loved that question. I am for the most part gluten-free, but as my friend assumed correctly, if there’s good bread, made with good ingredients, I’ll eat a little of it. Call it the “no crappy flour” diet if you …

Arugula Salad Vegan Pizza Recipe

Plant-Powered for Life.Arugula Salad Pizza.Credit Heather Poire

Here’s how you rethink your plate: a fresh green salad and whole grain pizza all in one meal that you can whip up in 45 minutes. Now that’s quick and delicious eating for even the busiest night of your week! This vegan pizza recipe delivers health and flavor.

 Arugula Salad Pizza Recipe

Makes 8 servings (1 slice each)

Active preparation time: 13 minutes total preparation time: 45 minutes


Whole grain pizza dough (see Notes), or one 16-ounce (454 g) package

More Benefits of Being Vegetarian: You Live Longer and So Does the Environment (Hopefully)

vegetarian diet photo

If you’ve been a vegetarian for any length of time you likely knew this in the back of your mind. You might have even become a vegetarian for one of these reasons. But hard evidence like this makes it much easier to argue your point at the dinner table and feel good about passing on the ribeye. Understanding the benefits of being vegetarian makes the diet that much more appealing.

I originally cut out meat because I moved to a place with few organic and free range options and then …

Mixed Melons Sorbet Recipe

melon pops

This refreshing sorbet recipe showcases melons at their summer best. Choose from the sweetest-smelling melon varieties at the  market or just pick your favorite. For a refreshing twist, add 1 cup loosely packed fresh spearmint leaves to the food processor while puréeing the melon mixture.

Makes about 1 1/2 quarts


3 cup sugar
4 cups  diced  ripe melon (from about 1 small melon)
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
Pinch  salt


In a small saucepan, combine the sugar and 3

Is Organic Food Better? Foodie Underground


ColumnWhen we think of organic food, we have to think about more than our personal health. Is organic food better for us? 

I remember a couple of years ago scrolling through my Facebook feed after the latest study on whether or not organic food provided more health benefits than conventionally grown produce, and reading a comment that a friend had written, “I now feel completely vindicated for NOT buying organic foods.”

That line has stuck with me. I think about it often.

Recently there was more fuel to add to that fire, in the form …

Raw Salad Recipe: Sprouted Hummus Collard Roll


In the summer, we naturally crave lighter foods. However, your go-to raw salad recipe can become a bore if you repeat it daily. There are ways to enjoy the elements of a salad without taking part in the salad experience. Here’s how.

To tackle this new-age raw salad recipe, you’ll need a tough-skinned dark green that can serve as a “wrap” for regularly salad add-ins. In my take of this concept, I use collard greens to roll around julienned raw veggies and sprouts. To bring more bulk, taste and a …

Superstar Cleansing with Rainbeau Mars

rainbeau mars

Rainbeau Mars, the health guru, artist, yoga instructor and author, has released her first book called “The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse: A Rejuvenating Lifestyle Program to Help You Feel Younger, Healthier, and Ready to Rock the World!”

EcoSalon caught up with Rainbeau recently to ask her about her book, cleansing and why it works.

Jill Ettinger: A 21-day cleanse! Isn’t that, like forever? Aren’t most cleanses just a few days? Why is this one so long?

Rainbeau Mars: It’s important to commit for that amount of time because