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What Does $20 Billion In Wasted Food Look Like?

In Britain, the amount of yearly food waste can fill London’s Wembley Stadium. Here’s something humiliating. I’m a Brit. (That’s not the humiliating bit. Bear with me). We’re so careless with our groceries that we throw away around a third of them each year – at a total cost of […]

Upscale Gourmet Vegan Mayonnaise At…The Dollar Store?  

If you haven’t yet tasted Hampton Creek’s vegan mayonnaise called “Just Mayo”, you can now head down to your local dollar store and pick up a jar. That’s right…while it seems pretty counterintuitive, the two-year old vegan mayonnaise brand is targeting stores like Dollar Tree along with Costco, Safeway, and […]

Is Your Farmers’ Market Faking It?

You peruse the stands, ogle over fresh berries, contemplate which goat cheese to buy, and smile contentedly as you walk away from the flurry of farmers and produce, full basket in hand. But is that local, organic, shopping induced feeling of happiness all a sham? The Wall Street Journal reported […]

Indie Foodzie: Interview with Co-Founder Emily Olson

Just when you thought a website like Etsy was fulfilling in satisfying your every desire to buy unique and handmade, Foodzie, a food marketplace shows up and tantalizes us with their “artisan producers and growers.” Foodzie co-founders Rob LaFave, Nik Bauman and Emily Olson (twentysomethings all) started the online farmers […]

Vegan Peanut Butter Bars Recipe

Raise your hand if you’ve ever enjoyed yourself with nothing more than a spoon and a jar of peanut butter. It’s not so uncommon, simply because peanut butter is absolutely delicious. And then, you realize that it pairs well with chocolate chips, and soon you have yourself a go-to midnight […]

The Rise of the Scandinavian Cocktail: Getting to Know Aquavit

The Scandinavian spirit aquavit isn’t just for pickled herring and potatoes anymore. Simple and clean are words often used to describe Scandinavian design, but it also goes for Scandinavian drink, particularly aquavit. Say the word “schnapps” and you might immediately conjure up visions of a sugary, peppermint-infused hot chocolate drink, but […]

Fresh and Floral: Make Your Own Elderflower Cordial

Summery, sublimely sweet and refreshing with its hint of citrusy zest, elderflower cordial is the perfect drink for a sweltering summer day. Foraging for elderflowers (which are the blossoms on elderberry trees) is a useful way to get some exploring time in on your vacation or day off, and provides […]

Ecosalon Recipes:10 Best Winter Vegetarian Soups

The gray of winter calls for warm and hearty soups, but what about ones that aren’t made with animal stock? We’ve rounded up some of the best vegetarian soup recipes on the web, full of delicious flavors and packed with great ingredients that are good for your body. They’re sure […]

How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Barbecue

Planning a graduation party, family reunion, or just a backyard barbecue with a few friends? Grill up a tasty feast without the big carbon footprint. If you’re planning a Memorial Day cookout, big or small, you’re probably tempted to reach for the old standbys: paper plates, plastic cutlery, canned beverages, […]

I Yam What I Yam: The Sweet Potato Ranks #1 in Nutrition

I know it’s springtime and I should be talking about snap peas and asparagus. The fact is, I still can’t get enough of the sweet potato. But what I’ve really been digging on, so to speak, is the yam. Yes, I discovered this not too long ago when discussing the […]

Foodie Underground: The World of Cookbook Porn

ColumnHas the seduction of cookbooks made us forget how to actually cook? In a bookstore last week, I headed for the cookbook aisle. It’s often a place of cheap inspiration; you don’t have to buy a new cookbook to get new ideas. I love cookbooks. The pages, the words, the […]

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How to Barbecue Tofu (Plus a Delicious Tofu Marinade Recipe!)

Tofu is fuss-free and makes it easy for you to get in a vegan meat alternative for protein this summer. But not sure how to barbecue tofu? All you need are these 7 tips and you are minutes away from a juicy tofu “steak” with that yummy grill taste.  Whether you’ve […]

A Salute! With EcoSalon’s The Box: Made In America

EcoSalon’s Made In America Box features items that are made right here in the U.S.A! July is an all-around patriotic month here in the states, so join your fellow eco-friendly patriots with a box of products worth $494.85, for just $129 + free shipping!     You see it everywhere: The […]

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Matcha Green Tea: Putting Other Teas to Shame

Matcha green tea’s vibrant green powder tastes a lot like green tea, but it offers more potent and meaningful health benefits.  Matcha green tea is a fine powder green tea native to Japan. Matcha green tea tastes like green tea, only a bit more full-bodied. In one gram of matcha […]

What If We Committed to Grow Food, Not Lawns? Foodie Underground

If you commit to “grow food not lawns,” you’re not just committing to better food security, you’re committing to a better community. “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” ― Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution I’ve been thinking […]