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A Conscious Thanksgiving Dinner: 6 Tips for Hosting a Successful Meal

Tips for ensuring your Thanksgiving dinner is as conscious as it can be.  No matter who sits down at your Thanksgiving dinner table – the gluten intolerant, the semi-vegetarian, the raw foodist, the vegan, the grain-free, the passionate Paleo, the lactose avoider – you want to have some options. This […]

Open Season

How to forage your own wild mushrooms. Foraging for wild mushrooms is the ultimate in foodie fun, and each edible species has its own unique, earthy flavor, often making them highly sought-after delicacies prized by the world’s top chefs. The following six mushrooms are among the easiest to identify and […]

D.I.Y. Food Swapping

I read about Soup Swaps here on EcoSalon and I fell in love with the idea. Then I realized, I’d already been involved in one: a D.I.Y. Food Swap. A friend of mine is a nutritionist and with the arrival of a new baby, she is particularly interested in eating healthy […]

Sunday Recipe: Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

The easiest summer addiction. For coffee lovers, cold brew is summer’s nectar. You can of course buy cold brew systems, or end up with an expensive coffee shop addiction, but really all you need for delicious cold brew is a good coffee roast and a French press. The key is letting […]

Sunday Recipe: Salted Cherry Cardamom Chocolate Bark

You’ll never go back to a regular chocolate bar.  You’re having a chocolate craving. Resist the urge to down a box of cherry cordials and make this elegant yet simple chocolate bark instead. With dried cherries, a dash of sea salt, and some lemon zest, it’s the perfect after dinner […]

Foodie Underground: 20 Uses for Honey You Never Thought Of

Column20 unusual ways to use honey, from food to facials. It was brought to my attention last week that September is in fact National Honey Month. Honey gets an entire month all to itself? Why yes, it certainly does. Turns out that Americans consume 1.5 pounds of honey per person […]

20 Food Proverbs to Bring New Meaning to Your Eating

Bringing meaning to the joy of eating. When the “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” proverb is the only adage in your arsenal of food wisdom, it’s time to bulk up on new things to say. From Ireland to China and the likes of Helen Keller to Ronald […]

The New and Improved USDA Supports Local, Sustainable Food

I never thought I’d become a Facebook fan of a government agency, but I’m now a fan of the USDA and am also following the agency’s Twitter. What’s going on here? For one thing, the USDA has done more to reinvent itself in the last two months than you can […]

Can Cooking a Meal a Day Keep Depression Away?

Wanna be happy and kick Prozac to the curb? Start eating your fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, beans, fish and olive oil. We’ve long known that a Mediterranean diet is good for the heart, but it turns out it’s also good for the mood. In a study published earlier […]

Foodie Underground: Social Media Savvy, Healthy Fast Food?

Twitter changed how foodies found out about the latest and greatest taco truck, leading to an influx of underground culinary aficionados, professional and amateur, being constantly informed of the up and coming hole-in-the-walls and where to get a city’s best authentic ethnic lunch for under $5. Don’t be shy, admit […]

Oregon Brewfest and Spontaneous Cheer

If you love beer, the Oregon Brewers Festival will not let you down. Granted, the crowds can be overwhelming, and you must be prepared for the spontaneous, group cheers that sprout up every ten minutes. However, with over 80 beers available from numerous brewers across the nation, and your own […]

Ecosalon Recipes: Eye Candy for Gourmet Foodies

For those of you who are culinary artists (and I’m quick to admit that I’m not one of them), feast your eyes on this: the G Living Network’s entire section devoted to the “Organic Gourmet Food Lifestyle” including featured chefs, videos, recipes and articles. Maybe you’re thinking “So what. There […]

All About Tomatillos, and Making a Mean Green Salsa

Tomatillos are often overlooked. These wonderful, green “Mexican tomatoes” are very easy to make into a versatile sauce. Use tomatillo sauce to enhance guacamole, or serve on steaks, rice, grilled plantains, tacos, omelets or scrambled eggs. Tomatillos are in season now, so it’s green salsa time! When selecting tomatillos, look […]

Super Healthy Salad Recipe with Carrot Ginger Dressing

Do you LOVE the little salad that comes with your restaurant sushi meal with that delicious carrot ginger dressing? It’s all at once salty and sweet and makes even the pile of not-so-fresh iceberg lettuce seem appealing. Chances are, the carrot ginger dressing you love is from a bottle and likely […]

8 Substitutions for the Most Common Kitchen Ingredients

Easy substitutions for a plant-based lifestyle.  One of the nasty pitfalls of becoming vegan or pursuing a more plant-based, healthy lifestyle is the allure of vegan or low-calorie products. These packaged goods mock the “real” thing with often not so forgiving preservatives, colorants, and other additives. That’s why one of […]

Discovering San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market

Whether a San Francisco resident, or a visitor to the area, the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market is not to be missed. It’s open three days a week, but Saturday is the best day to check it out. The weekend market is much larger, extending around the back of the Ferry […]

Infusions: 10 Perfect Ingredients For Delicious Culinary Creations

Start your cocktail infusions obsession immediately.  Infusion is one of those words that immediately makes me think of hip bartenders with driving caps and a well kept mustache. Cardamom infused bitters? Why yes, yes I do want that. But infusions are a fairly simple process that can easily be done […]

Springing Back into Food-Forward Farmers’ Markets

Did you spend your weekend basking in the official spring sun? I did. And so did a slew of others who took advantage of the amazing West Coast weather and filled a couple of downtown Portland, Ore. blocks for the much awaited opening of Portland Farmers Market 2010. I’m lucky […]

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9 Grilling Tips for a Delish Summer Cookout, Lady Style

Grill like a rock star with these super easy, super handy grilling tips. Men and barbecues go together like Romy and Michele. I’m not sure if it’s because of the whole open flame thing or the ginormous steaks thing or even the kitschy apron thing, but grilling is basically as […]

Traditional Spring Rolls Recipe Get a Scrumptious Vegan Spring Makeover

A spring rolls recipe that takes “spring” to its literal potential.  Many Chinese-American restaurants feature spring rolls that are borderline addictive. They are thick but go down easy and soft on the inside and fried to crispy perfection on the outside. They are often stuffed with all kinds of add-ins, […]

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The Nordic Diet: Eating Like a Viking is Good for All of Us

Is the Nordic Diet just the new “it” thing or is it actually a sustainable approach to food? If it’s not one diet, it’s another, because let’s face it: we want the magic trick that will keep is fit and slim. The truth is, there is no magic trick, the best […]

Matcha Green Tea: Putting Other Teas to Shame

Matcha green tea’s vibrant green powder tastes a lot like green tea, but it offers more potent and meaningful health benefits.  Matcha green tea is a fine powder green tea native to Japan. Matcha green tea tastes like green tea, only a bit more full-bodied. In one gram of matcha […]