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Foodie Underground: Corporate Food Cart Nation

ColumnAs the food truck trend grows, corporate chains like Jack in the Box are paying attention. It was only a matter of time. There was no way we could keep guerrilla marketing techniques and word of mouth culinary tips to ourselves. No, after several years of brief stints in the […]

When Beyoncé Tells You to Eat More Vegan Food, Listen Up

The Queen of Earth, Beyoncé, says we should all be eating more plant-based foods and she’s making it really easy with a new vegan food delivery service called 22 Days. The program is a partnership with Bey’s trainer, Marcos Borges. All the meals are 100 percent organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO […]

Taming of the Screw: Will the Planet Mourn Sustainable Cork?

Put a cork in it! That’s the old school way of bottling wine, one that benefited our environment in a variety of ways. But synthetic corks and screw tops were introduced so that getting to that yummy grape was more convenient, and to prevent the wine from spoiling. Some three […]

Mixed Melons Sorbet Recipe

This refreshing sorbet recipe showcases melons at their summer best. Choose from the sweetest–smelling melon varieties at the  market or just pick your favorite. For a refreshing twist, add 1 ⁄4  cup loosely packed fresh spearmint leaves to the food processor while puréeing the melon mixture. Makes about 1 1/2 […]

California: Good Eggs, After All

From 2015, all eggs in California will be sunny side up – at least for the chickens. State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a new law that makes California a cage-free state for chickens by 2015. The bill, which was backed by the Humane Society of the United States, will […]

Organic Farming Increasing Globally

Organic farming commands more money. And in a time when farmers are suffering as a result of global climate change and unpredictable profits, it’s a welcomed addition to the farming industry. Today, a growing number of consumers are looking for the organic label to ensure that foods are free of synthetic […]

Anatomy of a Food Stamp: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know

You know when your friends tell you, “Don’t worry, it will get better, just give it some time?” Well, that’s good and kind and well-intentioned, but actually, and I’m sorry to be the one to burst the bubble, a lot of things don’t get better. In fact, sometimes things get […]

The Decline of the French Farmers Market

The future of the quintessential French farmers market is facing big challenges. If you followed shoppers at Joël Thiébault’s stand at the Marché President Wilson home, you could find yourself in any number of places; a neighboring posh apartment in the swanky 16th arrondissement, a hidden kitchen in the trendy […]

4 Warming Morning Drink Recipes Instead of Coffee (We Dare You)

If you’re craving warmth without the bore of coffee, check out these warming morning drink recipes. Researchers at Yale University and the University of Colorado have suggested that physical warmth and emotional warmth are actually linked, and in fact the temperature of your beverage can influence your trust and tenderness […]

Did Someone Say Sweet Potato? A Comparison Taste Test and Recipe

I recently learned that sweet potatoes and yams sold in the U.S. are basically two varieties of the sweet potato. The lighter colored version is considered “firm,” while its dark orange counterpart is considered “soft.” I decided a taste test was in order. I roasted a sweet potato and the […]

Paleo, Clean Eating and Beyond: Are We Diet Obsessed? Foodie Underground

ColumnPaleo, Clean Eating, raw foods: is our industrial, processed food system forcing us to eliminate? I can’t go a day without seeing the words “Paleo“, “raw,” “egg-free,” “gluten-free” or “clean eating” show up somewhere. Look at any magazine rack with a couple of food titles and these healthy eating regimes […]

How to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables and Herbs in 10 Steps

There’s no weekend excursion you relish more than getting your hands on the local harvest at organic farmers’ markets, but picture this instead: You’re craving a crisp salad garnished with savory herbs. You step outside into your garden, pick some tomatoes, peppers and basil, and enjoy a natural meal without […]

A Flyover Zone That’s Worth a Linger

Drawing Inspiration for the future from the corn belt. Q: In what town can you visit a facility that maintains and preserves thousands of varieties of open-pollinated heirloom garden seeds, leave your bike unlocked all night, eat locally grown foods, and marry your same sex partner? A: Decorah, Iowa pop. […]

5 Foods that Deliver Headache Relief

It’s hard to resist popping a pill for headache relief, especially the kind that debilitates you from doing anything productive or saying anything nice. You just want it to stop. However, if you want to avoid synthetic pills for headache relief, there are natural alternatives, and yummy ones too! The […]

Elimination Diets: Good Marketing or a Real Phenomenon?

A look at food intolerances, food sensitivities and how we need to look closer at our daily diet. When it comes to American food culture, perhaps the very embodiment of our cuisine – Burger King – sums it up it best: have it your way. We can have Italian for […]

Pan-Grilled Asparagus and Endive with Fava Beans, Orange and Basil

This pan-grilled asparagus and endive dish makes a beautiful party platter or addition to any spring meal. Grilling the endive and asparagus and preparing the favas and oranges simply allows each element of the dish to pop. A super-light orange juice-based dressing allows the bright colors and fresh tastes to […]

Salad Days: A Review of 15 Popular Foodie Greens

In thinking about salad greens we know and love, and those we don’t know so well but might also love, I wondered how best to compare them. Should I rate different salad staples according to my own opinions? I thought back to the obsessive watercress phase I went through or […]

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Move Over, Food Trucks! Food Bikes are Taking Over

People go bonkers for food trucks. And who can blame them? Food trucks typically show up at outdoor events at just the right time (right after you’ve had one too many). Well, there’s a new kind of portable food provider in town, and we think you’re going to like it […]

Beet and Sour Cream Ice Pop Recipe

Be prepared for a pair of beautifully stained magenta lips after eating this! This Russian-inspired ice pop recipe is also full of health benefits. It’s easiest to use fresh store-bought beet juice but you can make your own, of course. If you do, be sure to keep the skins on when you […]

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The Nordic Diet: Eating Like a Viking is Good for All of Us

Is the Nordic Diet just the new “it” thing or is it actually a sustainable approach to food? If it’s not one diet, it’s another, because let’s face it: we want the magic trick that will keep is fit and slim. The truth is, there is no magic trick, the best […]

Matcha Green Tea: Putting Other Teas to Shame

Matcha green tea’s vibrant green powder tastes a lot like green tea, but it offers more potent and meaningful health benefits.  Matcha green tea is a fine powder green tea native to Japan. Matcha green tea tastes like green tea, only a bit more full-bodied. In one gram of matcha […]