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Recipe: Vegan White Cheese Party Dip

No shame with this figure-friendly vegan cheese dip. Dips and sauces are dangerous territory. Sure, they seem harmless in that they are technically only condiments, but they often contain too many fats and calories to warrant another tablespoon. One of the biggest party-time offenders is cheese dip. You know what […]

Emmy’s Organics: A Vegan Snack Company with Integrity

Born in an Ithaca, New York kitchen when founders Samantha Abrams and Ian Gaffney developed a special macaroon recipe one night, Emmy’s Organics has become of the most conscious snack food producers in our country. Priding themselves on the use of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and raw ingredients, the company […]

21 Cabbage Recipes: Fall Even More in Love with Brassicas

Here are 21 cabbage recipes that are way more exciting than soup. Ah, the almighty cabbage. While most of us think of the green head of cabbage, the cabbage family is large, and contains everything from kohlrabi to bok choy to cauliflower. There’s a reason that people are excited about brassicas: […]

How to Green Your Tea

Another work week has just wrapped and while most are heading to their local pubs for a big happy hour pint, I am eager to brew myself an aromatic pot of loose-leaf tea – yes, everything about tea makes my heart swoon. Whether you drink tea to energize or relax, […]

4 Vegan Ice-Cream Recipes to Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

As the summer months approach, ice cream ascends the list of foods you crave. And while there is nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional dairy ice cream, a daily jaunt to your local ice cream parlor isn’t doing your bikini body any favors. Make no mistake; the only other option […]

Foodie Underground: No One Picnics Alone

ColumnFood, friends and manual labor. “We need to make another picnic table.” When you live in an apartment building, it’s not really the bucolic setting of a country house with a beautiful backyard, but even a communal outdoor space that has a few garbage bins in the corner can be […]

Sweet Beet Juice Recipe with Kombucha

Pull out your juicer to make this fresh combination of a beet juice recipe with kombucha, or simply buy the juices to make this sweet and tangy blend with a subtle ginger flavor. Beet Juice Recipe with Kombucha Serves 2  Ingredients 11/2-inch knob peeled fresh ginger 11/2 cups plain kombucha (plain […]

3 Food Staples You Can Make at Home

When it comes to cooking, I like to start from scratch. And I mean from scratch. It’s really not so hard. Case in point: in a few simple steps, you can make your own flour, butter and mayonnaise minus the preservatives for a fraction of the cost you’d typically encounter […]

Foodie Underground: We All Scream for Artisanal Ice Cream

ColumnArtisanal ice cream is keeping the summer streets hot. It’s June, which means you’ve only got one thing on the mind: summer (or at least that’s what I spend my time daydreaming about as we approach the equinox). Long days, dinner parties in the garden and plenty of warm weather […]

Finally! A Delicious, Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Almost every family has its own chocolate chip cookie recipe scratched on a piece of paper, smudged and smeared by flour, eggs, and butter, handed down through generations. But what’s that delicious baked-good doing to your insides? My grandmother always added a pudding flour mix to her batch, which gave […]

20 Unusual Uses for Green Tea

From sunblock to liver cleansing, we celebrate 20 uses of green tea you may never have known about. Green tea is hailed as an antioxidant-rich, anti-aging phenomenon. With reports that regular green tea consumption can lower the risk of heart disease and certain cancers, it’s a popular drink among the […]

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Vegan Pumpkin Lasagna Recipe: Move Over Pumpkin Spice!

This pumpkin lasagna takes a traditional recipe, infuses it with iconic fall flavors, and makes it vegan to boot. You’re welcome. Pumpkin season is here, and why not kick it off with a bang? This vegan pumpkin lasagna recipe is a healthy, delicious, and celebratory way to enjoy the fall […]

Making the Link Between Small Farmers and Urban Buyers

We all want to support small farmers, but it’s not always as easy as we’d like it to be. Annie Myers is bridging the gap between the urban lifestyle and the quality found at small, primarily organic producers with her company, Myers Produce. Myers Produce is a regional distributor connecting […]

Vegan Beet and Turnip Gratin with Thyme and Extra Pepper

Indulge in root vegetables with this vegan beet and turnip gratin recipe. Beetroot and turnips deserve more credit than they often get. Tough when raw, but once cooked, each offer tender, and comforting textures reminiscent of the white potato. Meanwhile, their natural sugars emerge and provide an overtone of sweetness that […]

Innovative Paleo Recipes are on the Menu with ‘Well Fed Weeknights’

One of the first things you notice when you start cooking paleo recipes: it’s a commitment. You have a whole new shopping list, filled with unfamiliar ingredients like coconut aminos, ghee, and beef liver. You have to learn about concepts like “intermittent fasting” and why legumes are a no-no. It can […]

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Paleo, Gluten-Free Zucchini Flatbread Recipe

This zucchini flatbread recipe re-inspires your love for bread, only without the wheat. I’m always looking for low-carb alternatives to foods that I tend to overindulge in. I have a hard time holding back from chips, cheesy sauces, and, of course, bread. As I eat, I like to use bread […]

Vegan Peanut Butter Oat Bars Recipe with Flax Seeds and Coconut Milk

These vegan peanut butter bars are packed with flavor and nutrition. There are so many nutrition bars brands out there, many of which boast pure, organic ingredients and a glowing nutritional profile. Even so, nothing beats the potential of what you make in the comfort of your own kitchen. You not […]

Vegan Lemon Cake Recipe: Light, Refreshing, Perfectly Tart

Lighten up your dessert with this delicious vegan lemon cake recipe. When I think of dessert cake, I imagine decadence, density, and a surefire means to a splurging waistline. However, not all cakes are created equal. Some thrive being light and fluffy, just like this vegan lemon cake. It bears […]