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Spring Pea Salad Recipe with Feta and Pistachio


This apring, all focus is on lighter foods, even around a holiday table. Green peas are a great way to get your vegan protein without loading up on hard-to-digest meat, or even tofu. This pea salad recipe combines peas with a light but delicious vinaigrette as well as some spices, herbs, and cheese. Enjoy!

Now, when it comes to salads, you can go in any direction by substituting in other ingredients that fit your taste preferences. For example, instead of feta cheese, why not use soft goat cheese or cheddar …

No-Added-Sugar Charoset Recipe for the Passover Seder Table


A traditional Passover Seder plate always includes a charoset recipe. 

Charoset comes in many different variations, but is based in apples, dried fruit, nuts and sometimes (and whole-heartedly welcomed) wine. It’s a delicious and hearty way to fill up without going overboard. Many charoset recipes call for sugar, but rest assured that the following charoset recipe does not!

You can mince, dice, chop or grate the apples to reach the consistency you want and can keep the mixture less rough by pureeing all the ingredients together so that they reach a …

Gross: KFC Lures Fast Food-Crazed Teens with Fried Chicken Corsages for Prom



I just threw up a little at the news that KFC has released a drumstick corsage just in time for prom season.

Yeah, you read right: It’s a corsage with a hunk of dead, fried chicken in the middle of soft, fragrant flowers.

I’m assuming it’s a marketing ploy to get exactly this type of attention. Healthy food-loving writers like me will tell you how utterly offensive this is. So, of course, rebellious teens will find …

Spring, a Season for Good Food: Foodie Underground

photo (2)

ColumnIs there anything better than all the good food that spring brings us?

Spring represents many things. The end of winter. A time of rebirth. A countdown to summer.

For me, it’s a celebration of good food. Certainly, there is good food to be had all year around, but there is something extra special about spring.

Now is the time when the root vegetables are replaced by more exciting ingredients; a time when every week that you go to the market, a new vegetable that you had almost forgotten about pops up. It’s …

7 Rules to Eating Kosher Foods


Even if you don’t practice Judaism or Jewish at all, you’ve most certainly encountered the term “kosher.” But do you have any idea what that means?

Kosher describes food that meets the standards outlined by Jewish law. Here, we break it down for you so you can get a feel for what that often-seen term actually means.

The body of law that governs foods that Jews can and cannot eat is called kashrut, and kosher is used to describe food that meets such standards. Kosher dietary laws are meant to be …

5 Incredible Turmeric Benefits that Can Change Your Life

turmeric benefits

The following 5 turmeric benefits will change the way you look at this unique herb.

Turmeric is the spice I use the least. Ever since I learned of its cleansing properties, I put a few dashes into my morning tea water with the juice of half a lemon. However, besides this particular ritual, turmeric is relatively lacking in my life. But it shouldn’t be! Turmeric bears incredible lifestyle benefits that are both practical and game changing in the realm of health.

Are you using turmeric for these benefits?

1. Make Meat

How to Lose Weight Fast… with the ‘Ice Cream Diet’?

ice cream
The ice cream diet. It’s a thing…and yes, the creator of the fad says its how to lose weight fast. By eating ice cream.

When the good news came out (and continues to come out) that chocolate actually has some pretty significant health benefits, there was a lot of nodding and head-shaking in agreement. Mine was one of them. After all, cacao—chocolate in its raw form—is a botanical that’s full of antioxidants and minerals. Can’t go wrong there.

But we all know that the majority of us aren’t pulling cacao beans out from …

21 Radish Recipes for Spring


Tasty and fun seasonal radish recipes–are you ready to try them/

As we come out of winter it’s a refreshing sight to see new produce at the market. While root vegetables have probably made up the core of your cold-weather diet, there’s one root vegetable that’s just now coming back: radishes! The root vegetable with a kick, radishes are good on their own, dipped in a little butter or olive oil and doused in salt, or they can make for a colorful salad base. If you’re in search of radish recipes for …