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All Kinds of Dried Fruit You Can Make in Your Oven (No Dehydrator Needed!)


Dried fruit is waiting to be made in your oven.

Some people assume that you need a dehydrator to make dried fruit. Those people would be wrong. All you need to turn fresh fruit into tasty dried fruit is an oven and some patience.

Granted, if you’re planning on launching a dried fruit business, investing in a dehydrator may be worth your while, but if you just want to dabble, your oven is a cheaper, and space-saving way to make these delicious, naturally sweet treats.

Drying fruit is as simple as drying out the fruit at …

Comfort Food: Does Eating Make You Feel Good? Foodie Underground


ColumnComfort food might not have the effect you think it does.

It’s fall, which means it’s the season of comfort food. While in summer months you can happily get away with a tomato and cucumber salad, there’s something about the colder months that kicks your body into “I want something fatty and carby!” mode.

Seriously, you’re craving a dish of macaroni and cheese right now, aren’t you?

But does eating certain foods really make us feel better than others?

A study was recently published in Healthy Psychology titled “The Myth of Comfort Food.” Studying a …

Forget Pumpkin Spice, Here are 10 Other Fall Flavors to Put in Your Latte


What most people fail to realize about the pumpkin spice craze is this: most pumpkin spice flavored things don’t even involve real pumpkin.

Food companies have found the perfect elixir of synthetically made flavors to invoke that cozy flavor of fall, and they do it well. Pumpkin spice makes its way into everything from Oreos to waffles, but if there’s one item that seems to be the leader of the craze, it’s the pumpkin spice latte.

And who wouldn’t want a caffeinated drink that tastes seasonal? The reality is that your average coffee …

Think About Your Cup of Coffee Like You Think About Your Food: Foodie Underground


ColumnYour cup of coffee deserves your respect.


The dark drink is such a part of most of our everyday routine that we often forget to think about it. The act of drinking coffee is automatic, a routine process of grinding beans, putting in one brew method or another and waiting until our favorite of drinks is ready to be poured into our favorite coffee cup and consumed.

But as part of our everyday routine for the last few decades, coffee has become banal, easily letting us forget that our cup of coffee is actually …

Vegan Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe


The following sweet potato muffins recipe is 100% vegan and even more delicious! Enjoy warm, with a slab of coconut butter.

To me, the best part of autumn and winter is the advent of the sweet potato in my diet. It is sweet and light, but incredibly filling, warm and full of sweet surprises. I love it in just about every way – sautéed, fried, baked and even raw.

The sweet potato is full of nutrition and helps to bring more bulk and texture to these muffins. In one sweet potato …

USDA Farming Techniques Improve Ugandan Crop Yields

ugandan farmers photo

Between 1987-2007 much of Northern Uganda was engaged in a civil war that left the rural nation closed off to development and investment. It also left the population with a serious food insecurity issue. Now USDA’s Food for Progress Program, along with The National Cooperative Business Association-Cooperative League of the United States of America International (NCBA-CLUSA) and Mercy Corps are teaching small farmers in the area farming techniques to increase their yields.

Ugandan farmers like Grace Opono have implemented farming techniques that have helped her double her yields in just two seasons. Now …

21 Ways to Use Flax Seeds


Get your hands on some flax seeds immediately.

Flax seeds might seem a little boring, but their uses really are endless. They’re rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, making them the wunderkind of the health food world, helpful for digestion, and even linked to lower cholesterol levels.

Most people tend to recommend ground flax seeds over whole, as they’re easier for your body to digest. As long as you have a coffee grinder, you can grind flax seeds. Otherwise you can also buy flax seed meal, which is pre-ground.

Looking to get more …

Healthy Fats: A Guide to Smart Cooking Oil Choices

olive oil

If you are shunning butter and looking for an oil to use for a variety of different cooking purposes as well as to benefit from healthy fats, the following list will serve you well.

I list three main oils as well as a few others that are incredibly versatile, common and cover all your fatty needs. While I am a personal fan of butter, I find that its cooking temperature is quite low and I have trouble cooking certain dishes in the manner I desire. Oil generally has a higher cooking …