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10 DIY Tea Recipes for Cozy Winter Evenings

Tea recipes so you can make your own unique blends. If winter is good for one thing, it’s for curling up with a good book and a mug of tea. This is the season to embrace coziness. In Denmark, they have a word to describe this exact feeling: hygge. Creating […]

Better than Milk? Dairy-Free Calcium Sources for Strong Bones

Most of us grow up with the conception that milk is the number one source of calcium and a crucial part of a healthy diet. However, much of this hullabaloo is the result of strategic and clever ad campaigns by the dairy industry. Milk is actually neither the most reliable source of […]

30 Humorous Quotes on Dieting

In honor of National Nutrition Month, a collection of the most ridiculous things ever said about unhealthy dieting. Probably nothing in the world arouses more false hopes than the first four hours of a diet. -Dan Bennett  I bought a talking refrigerator that said “Oink” every time I opened the […]

How to Barbecue Tofu (Plus a Delicious Tofu Marinade Recipe!)

Tofu is fuss-free and makes it easy for you to get in a vegan meat alternative for protein this summer. But not sure how to barbecue tofu? All you need are these 7 tips and you are minutes away from a juicy tofu “steak” with that yummy grill taste.  Whether you’ve […]

Vintage Recipe Revamp: Creamed Corn

Instead of being flavored with pork fat, let your modern day creamed corn sing the praises of coconut milk. Back in 1951, Del Monte had a lot to say about its Creamy Style Golden Corn. It promised “plump” and “thin-skinned” kernels “crammed” into each can, and if that weren’t seducing […]

Sunday Recipe: Olive Oil and Polenta Cake

Because olive oil and sea salt are the perfect combination.  Everyone has to have a couple of go-to cake recipes. Because when it’s Sunday afternoon and you’ve spent all morning drinking coffee and reading The New York Times (you’re still impressed by this week’s Modern Love section, and weren’t Bill Cunningham’s […]

For Pirates Like Us, Charleston Ho!

Something just feels right about eating fresh fish in a pirate costume. For weeks, my friends and I had been planning a pirate-themed party, and last weekend we pulled it together: Eye patches, hats, sashes, plastic swords. Oh yes, and ten fully-grown adults calling each other Cap’n and saying things […]

Foodie Underground: Eat What You Want, Pay What You Can

ColumnEven if you can’t pay, you still deserve access to good food. When you go to a museum and there’s a donation box, but no set entrance fee, how much do you put in? Don’t worry, I won’t force you to answer that question publicly – personally it depends on […]

20 Food Proverbs to Bring New Meaning to Your Eating

Bringing meaning to the joy of eating. When the “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” proverb is the only adage in your arsenal of food wisdom, it’s time to bulk up on new things to say. From Ireland to China and the likes of Helen Keller to Ronald […]

Sunday Recipe: Fig and Almond Energy Bites

Forget the oven, just mix and roll. These Fig and Almond Energy Bites are quick, easy, and don’t involve any baking. They go just as well with an afternoon bike ride or post-run recovery snack as they do with a Sunday evening movie. This is cookie dough without the need […]

A Ghostly White Russian Recipe

  There’s something so elegant about a pure white cocktail and this White Russian recipe is the pinnacle of sophistication. Halloween can be about tricking and treating but it can also be about mystery and masquerade. This White Russian recipe floats eerily in a martini glass and makes a perfect […]

Celebrate Strawberry Season with a Dutch Baby Pancake

Strawberries are out in full force, and we bought a flat from the farmer’s market over the weekend. We were mashing the strawberries to make jam when we realized that a Dutch Baby pancake was clearly in order for Sunday brunch. The “Dutch Baby” originated in Germany, and is made […]

Cooking Up a New Way to Be Green

You may be a slave to the stove but you can also be a steward of the planet with new earth-friendly cookware developed by Ecolution. Day in, day out, we use the stove – and of course, our cookware – to heat our meals and cook our snacks. But a […]

All in the Ball

I’m not a parent”¦yet, but I am an aunt and at times I can still act like a kid, which is why I know the importance of snack time. No one in their right mind should ever consider messing with snack time. A crucial part of any kid’s day, not […]

A Cheetos Macaron: The Worst in Highbrow/Lowbrow?

A patisserie in New York is making a cheetos macaron; would you try one? Cheetos macarons. Yes, you read that right. For some reason people love odd combinations in the food world. Anything that pairs upscale culinary creations with something a little more mainstream is pretty much destined to go […]

Foodspotting Friday: Crazy for Citrus

10 photos to inspire your citrus consumption this winter.  Come the holiday season, I always have a box of satsumas. Yes, satsumas. Not mandarins or tangerines; satsumas. Because they’re easy to peel, seedless and perfect for holiday laziness. Plus the box they come in is perfect for eco-friendly wrapping of […]

Taming of the Screw: Will the Planet Mourn Sustainable Cork?

Put a cork in it! That’s the old school way of bottling wine, one that benefited our environment in a variety of ways. But synthetic corks and screw tops were introduced so that getting to that yummy grape was more convenient, and to prevent the wine from spoiling. Some three […]

Nutritional Breakdown: Revamping a Reese’s

You can still have your chocolate and peanut butter and eat it too. I’m not alone when I say that Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are among my favorite dessert snacks. They’re just delicious – end of story. However, when it comes to watching your waistline, the last thing you should […]

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Cold Pasta Salad Recipe with Green Beans, Red Peppers and Feta

This cold pasta salad recipe is a lighter, more seasonally-apropos take on comfort food that the whole family will love. Pasta dishes tend to fall under the category of indulgences, but they don’t have to. In fact, they can be as carefree as your next salad. All you need is […]

7 Best Vegetables to Grill: Move Over, Meat

You don’t have to be a meat lover to enjoy grilling season. For all the meat that finds its way onto the grill, the true stars of grilling season are the vegetables. They don’t require much fuss and result in a delicious side dish or, oftentimes, main dish. But not […]

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Luscious Amalfi Coast Pasta Recipe with Lemon Sauce

This pasta recipe gets a burst of freshness from a bright lemon sauce, perfectly balanced with parmesan cheese and cream. In Italy, the lemons are the size of watermelons. While that may be a slight exaggeration, some varieties that grown on the west coast of Italy are almost 5 times the […]

What If We Committed to Grow Food, Not Lawns? Foodie Underground

If you commit to “grow food not lawns,” you’re not just committing to better food security, you’re committing to a better community. “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” ― Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution I’ve been thinking […]