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Is Raw Honey Really Worth All the Buzz?

One of the most potent superfoods happens to be a very common pantry item. Honey is more than just a sweet, fragrant syrup — it is a powerhouse of nutrition that can take your health to new levels. Most honey has been mainstreamed to the point that the typical brands […]

Homemade Canned Rhubarb Recipe (Capturing Summer in a Mason Jar)

Rhubarb is a special summertime treat. For those want to enjoy it year-round, though, you can capture the flavor of summer by canning rhubarb. You’ll thank yourself on that cold wintery day when you need a little extra summer warmth to get you through. Yields about 6 pints (3 quarts) […]

9 Top Tools (+2) for Ethical Eaters

The explosion of movies and books detailing the problems within our food system seems to be having an impact on mainstream consumer attitudes about food. And this new awareness is starting to impact buying behavior. I’m talking about the movies Food Inc., The Cove, and Supersize Me, movie and book, […]

The Green Plate: Animals in Glass Houses Don’t Need Video Exposés

ColumnReintegrating food production into our communities will increase transparency in the food system. Unless you buy eggs from cage-free or pastured hens, your daily over-easy likely came from a bird whose entire life was passed in a 16-inch wide cage with four or five others. While the hen struggled to […]

Marketing FAIL: The Cocoa Krispies Immunity Boost

‘Tis the (cold and flu) season, and it’s time to stock up on immune boosting foods like oranges, garlic and Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies. Yes, that’s right. Kellogg’s is claiming that all the vitamins they’ve sprinkled onto their sweetened, processed puffs will help your child’s immune system. It’s boldly emblazoned across […]

Time to Kick Off Soup Making Season

Instead of going from zero to 60 in no time flat, we’ve gone from the 90s to 60s in less than a week. I’m talking temperature. Just last week I was panting at my desk and now I’m stepping outside for a spot of sun every time my fingers freeze […]

How Much Has American Food Changed Since the 1970s? Foodie Underground

The book “Provence, 1970′” documents a moment with America’s culinary greats; but how much has American food really changed since then? In the late 1960s and early 1970s, America saw a culinary change. This was the time of people like Julia Child, advocating for mastering dishes at home, eating real […]

Foodspotting Friday: Chocolate Lovers Edition

10 photos to quell your chocolate cravings.  When I discovered that breathable chocolate actually exists, I debated on tracking down a French friend so they could send some over. A whiff of chocolate that you can keep in your purse? That’s like having an instant pick me up right next to […]

Foodie Underground: 5 Reasons to Love Cardamom

ColumnWhy cardamom is your new best friend. High end ramen, breakfast for dinner, sparkling water: We spend a lot of time discovering and discussing food trends on Foodie Underground. It’s a dichotomous pursuit. There are the evenings spent complaining to friends about how fed up with the foodie world I […]

Foodie Underground: Celebrate National Farmers’ Market Week

I’m guilty as charged when it comes to a standard farmers’ market routine; my Saturday morning market run always includes a visit to my egg guy, then my favorite stand for whatever greens are in season, and then a swing by the Irish man who runs a smoked salmon stand. After that […]

Foodie Underground: The Beauty of Eating Outdoors

ColumnA stove, a tent and a sunset is the formula for appreciating simple food. Mediocre wine is excellent if you have a view, coffee is exponentially more delicious when brewed after a night in a tent, and trail mix can compete with the fanciest hors d’oeuvre when you’re in the […]

3 Recipes to Try This Memorial Day Weekend

I’ve been eating eggs on almost everything and anything lately. I’ll cook up a pot of beans just to have around and find myself heating them up and eating them with a fried egg on top and whatever leftover greens I have for a quick, filling meal. Brown rice and lentils […]

Sunday Recipe: Peanut Butter Cookies

Flourless, sweet and salty goodness. Short on time and ingredients? These gluten free cookies are as easy as a jar of peanut butter sitting in your pantry and an egg in the refrigerator. They can also be made quick enough that you can have them finished before your morning coffee […]

Lustables: Kitchen Tools Tea Towels

Hand printed tea towels for the beauty in the kitchen. There is beauty in function, and nowhere is that more true than in the kitchen. These hand printed towels highlight the aesthetic value of some of our most basic kitchen utensils; an homage to two of our most often used […]

Is the Urban Farming Movement Here to Stay?

Urban farming has the potential to help us take charge of the foods we eat, green our cities, build community, and increase food security for urban residents. Everyday, there’s articles about backyard chickens, bee keeping, or urban yard sharing. Clearly urban agriculture is at the top of the trend pile. […]

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Cauliflower Tostada Recipe with a Citrusy Black Bean Salsa Topping

Enjoy a lower-carb version of a regular tortilla with this cauliflower tostada recipe. Tostada is Spanish word meaning “toasted.” In Ecuador, it’s prepared as a corn-based (and gluten-free!) version of a white flour tortilla and is used as a base to a plethora of various toppings. In the following tostada recipe, […]

Load Up on this Loaded Vegan Nachos Recipe

Mexican food is my favorite food in the world, but with the excess of cheese, white rice, and meat, I often walk away from the table feeling weighed down. Luckily, it only takes a few tweaks to enjoy a figure-friendly Mexican dish, including nachos. This vegan nachos recipe is as […]

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Diplomatico Rum: Your New Favorite Liquor is Sustainable and Delicious

Looking for a happy hour choice that’s as sustainable as it is delicious? Diplomatico Rum may be the answer. This Venezuelan rum is made by one of the only liquor companies in the world to have earned the ISO 14001 certification, a prestigious recognition that helps provide practical tools for […]

The Avocado Hummus Recipe You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Alas, two plant-based favorites – the avocado and hummus – have joined forces to create something we admittedly regret not having discovered sooner. Avocado hummus is a smooth, creamy dip or spread that sits somewhere between guacamole and hummus, without being decidedly either. It has all the fixings you’ll find […]

Prep and Eat a Whole Artichoke: No Cans or Jars Required

Learn how to cook and eat an artichoke to perfection with these tips! You may love artichokes, but how often do you prepare and cook them yourself? They come in a rough package with their tough outer leaves,and demand seemingly exhaustive preparation. But, au contraire! Whole artichokes are actually super […]

Vegan, Gluten-Free Crepes Recipe: An Oat-Inspired Take on a French Classic

These vegan, gluten-free crepes bring more sophistication (and nutrition) to your hassle-free breakfast routine. Say au revoir to the egg, butter, and white flour-based crepes of yore and bonjour to their better half: vegan, gluten-free crepes! With a base of oat flour, coconut sugar, almond milk, and coconut oil, these […]