4 Pieces of Beautiful and Functional Smart Jewelry: Stay Connected in Style

4 Pieces of Beautiful and Functional Smart Jewelry

If you’ve ever wanted to stay abreast of your family, friends, work, health, social media accounts, and messages on the go without being glued to your cell phone, then look no further than the stunning and stylish smart jewelry we’ve researched and compiled just for you.

According to an article from Digital Trends, the average American is dependent upon their smartphone and social media networks more than we might have imagined. Individuals in the U.S. check Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts approximately 17 times a day, which is said to translate roughly to at least once for every hour we’re awake. Over time, based on general data usage statistics, these minutes and seconds add up to the tune of 4.7 hours per day on average spent on a smartphone – wow!

And if you agree with the idea that we’re awake for around 15 hours per day, then that means almost one third of our waking lives are spent on a cell phone. Combine this with computer usage, obesity rates due to sedentary lifestyles, and feelings of disconnection from our loved ones, then it may be time for an intervention. Fortunately, though, if you can stand the inclusion of a little more technology in your life, it may be able to actually help you reach your goals, rather than hurt them.

Take a peek at our suggestions below and find out whether or not any of our smart jewelry picks can help simplify and enrich your lives.


4 Pieces of Beautiful and Functional Smart Jewelry

Best for the woman who wishes to receive fewer notifications and spend more time face-to-face with individuals, rather than on the phone. ($385)

ALTRUIS wants you to “stay connected, not distracted” thanks to the modern and attractive smart jewelry collection. It features rings, pendant necklaces, and bracelets that are designed to send you a subtle vibration when receiving specific filtered messages and notifications. Currently designed to operate only with the IPhone 4s or newer at this time, the jewelry’s programming allows users to customize which people, calls, messages, and alerts deserve your attention by filtering notifications based on tailored “profiles” and “secret words” via the company’s iOS app.


4 Pieces of Beautiful and Functional Smart Jewelry

Best for the woman who has her phone usage under control, but wishes to become healthier through the addition of more physical activity, better sleeping habits, and lower stress levels. (From $119)

LEAF from bellabeat is a foliage shaped product that’s designed to be a “unique and versatile health coach, fitness tracker, and the world’s smartest piece of jewelry.” Worn as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant, this tracker will record your fitness stats, sleep cycles, menstrual cycles, and help to relieve stress with targeted breathing exercises that are built into the product’s application. No charging is required, it has a 14 day memory, pill reminder, smart alarm, and inactivity alert.


4 Pieces of Beautiful and Functional Smart Jewelry

Best for the woman who wants a stylish, no-frills no-fuss way of being alerted to the most important phone calls, messages, and reminders without constantly checking her phone. ($195)

RINGLY has produced a series of, you guessed it, rings clad with semi-precious gemstones nestled in a gunmetal plated setting. Labradorite, pink chalcedony (pictured), black onyx, and tourmalated quartz is a sampling of the stones they offer. Cocktail-like and definitely on-trend, these stylish baubles actually contain more than what first meets the eye. Designed to be used with iOS or Android, this works similarly to the ALTRUIS by allowing you to choose the apps from which you want notifications, but also has 4 different vibration settings and 5 light colors for further personalization.


4 Pieces of Beautiful and Functional Smart Jewelry

Best for the woman concerned about safety and health, as well as receiving fewer notifications from her phone. (From $49 to $199)

CUFF offers several pieces of jewelry to choose from that are designed to house the company’s module which keeps you connected from afar. Bracelets, necklaces, key chains, and wristwatch-like pieces are as beautiful as they are functional. This specialized bit of technology will be incorporating a fitness app this year, but already allows for users to send emergency alerts instantly to friends and family with the touch of a button – which we love – and offers the popular vibration alerts for specific programs and people.

In the end, choosing to use smart jewelry that works for your lifestyle should, in essence, help you check your screen a little less and be with your family and friends a little more. A small investment, some might say, to gain back that precious portion of our lives.

Do you spend too much time on your smartphone, or is it totally necessary? Are there any smart jewelry pieces that you would consider using? Why or why not? Let us know what you think on the EcoSalon Facebook page!  

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