How To Tone Skin: Workouts and Body Products That Actually Work!

How To Tone Skin: Workouts and Beauty Products That Work!

You exercise to relieve stress, stay fit, and maybe even because you like your workout. Did you know exercise can even help to improve skin tone? It’s true! What works and how to fake it ‘til you make it.

As we age, skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity, resulting in loose looking skin. Since we’d all like to avoid flabby calves and bat wings for as long as possible, let’s see what we can do to ward off the droop.

Research shows that regular exercise can not only keep you in rockin’ shape, but help to de-age skin too. The reason? When working out, our muscles release proteins. One protein in particular, called IL-15, is responsible for stimulating skin cells, boosting collagen production and cell turnover which makes the skin look and feel younger.

Yes, the only way to get these IL-15 proteins to help you out is through exercise. But there are certain ways to make your skin look more toned along with a good workout routine.

5 Tips on How to Tone Skin

1. Get your cardio on. Yep, exercise is the protein booster that makes skin look younger and research has found that it is cardio, not weight training, that gives the anti-aging effects. Jogging, running, swimming, and cycling are all obvious choices. Not feeling any of those? Try something new and different, like treading water or cardio Pilates.

2. Up the H2O. Dehydrated skin is saggy skin. Follow up your cardio with a big drink of water and aim for eight 8-ounce glasses per day.

3. Lube up. You know how your face seems to liven up after applying moisturizer? Well, the bod needs to stay hydrated too. Caffeine tightens skin and creates a toned effect. Try One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum.

4. Protect yourself. This falls under the prevention category, but is so super important. Properly protecting skin from UV damage will help to ward off wrinkles, sagginess, and spots. Choose a healthy sunscreen that works for you.

5. Body contouring. So you don’t have a regular exercise regimen. Yet. Fake it ‘til you make it with body contouring. You don’t have to go crazy with Kardashian-worthy enhancement. A little nontoxic self tanner works wonders for covering flaws and making skin look firmer.

There you have it. Your plan to firmer, toned, more youthful looking skin. Bottom line? You’re going to need your runners.

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