Guest Post: BeThree on Soakin’ It Up: a Detox Bath to Remember


Bugs who bite think I’m imported chocolate. I found this out during one of my recent outdoor adventures when I went hurdling through a cloud of black, wingy things, and the little buggers latched on for dear, sweet bloodsucking life. Unfortunately, my body thinks bugs are the devil incarnate, and tells me so through a solid week of welts and fevers.

Thank goodness I had read about homemade detox baths –  scathing pools of tub water filled with cabinet magic that pull toxins straight out of your skin. If you’re really full of junk, these baths are even known to change color as you soak! It sounded promising, so I gave it a go.

Trial: Two cups of Epsom salts, 1 cup of baking soda, some ground ginger and me went into the hottest bath water I could possibly handle. Then, I stayed put for 30 minutes. It sounds relaxing – a nice homeopathic soak pulling out the poison – but it was a sweatshop.

Verdict: I emerged from my soak woozy, and the bath didn’t deal with the situation in its entirety, just sped up the healing process. (Plus, my water didn’t change color – boo.) However, I was able to keep my mind off of the itch during my meeting the next day, and for that reason, I’d do it again. A few days later, my bites are much smaller and less irritable.

Word To The Wise: Passing out is a firm possibility during your soak. I only saw a few stars, but I should’ve chugged more water during the whole process.

Editor’s note: Sara here. This is the third post in an ongoing guest series from our sassy pals over at BeThree. (Read posts #1 and #2.)