The Natural Secret for Baby Soft Feet


By August, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all my cute sandals and fun flip flops as well as plenty of pretty toenail polish.Yet even with all the pedicures and buffing rituals I get those heels that most closely resemble rhinoceros skin.  

Dry, cracked heels are a common complaint as our feet are exposed in the summer.Not only does it happen to women who wear sandals and other open shoes, but men get it, too.  Buffing with sandstone helps slough off the dry and dead skin, but we still need to moisturize and heal the skin. 

Looking around at the options for our lovely feet that have taken us so far are plenty foot creams on the market, but none have been as successful for me as African Gator Balm.Just the name transports you to a hot desert vision, or perhaps one of your poor feet facing the hardships walking the Nile river all day, or fighting through the jungle climbing over rocks and limbs (sounds just like Fifth Avenue).

Save your feet, because African Gator Balm is made from all natural ingredients and the mix is just right.You’ve heard of shea butter, oils of avocado and almond as your best friends for keeping your skin smooth and healthy. The rich balm has this and more, including colloidal oatmeal, coconut, mango and caprylic and linoleic triglycerides, a whole host of vitamins and comfrey that smooth and heal.

Comfrey alone has been reported to promote healthy skin with its mucilage content that moisturizes and soothes while another compound in comfrey, allantoin, promotes skin cell growth.  No more scratchy, cracked heels that look like a leathery beast.

Image: Torsten Mangner