Cameron Diaz’s Longevity Secrets May be Just the Tricks You Need

Cameron Diaz Sheds New (Healthy!) Light on Aging in ‘The Longevity Book’

When a gorgeous celeb wants to dish on staying healthy and beautiful with age, we listen. And when they write a book on the subject (and are willing to go bare-faced on the cover!) we have to read it. Cameron Diaz latest read, “The Longevity Book”, includes well researched and thoughtful ideas on wellness for the long haul.

Late thirties/early forties certainly isn’t old. But it is around the time of life you begin to see changes in body, skin, and even mind. A few fine lines here or there, a bit more effort needed to stay in shape, maybe even joint pain or body aches that weren’t there before.

Hey, it’s part of life. The good news? There are ways to stay healthy and feel great through the years. And since we now know that prevention is the best way to fight disease and create mind and body wellness, there’s no better time to start than now.

Cameron Diaz wrote “The Body Book” a few years ago, all about taking good care of the bod with which you are blessed. “The Longevity Book” is along those same lines of loving what you’ve got, and dealing with that thing we hate to acknowledge called aging.

7 Highlights From Cameron Diaz’s “The Longevity Book”

Cameron Diaz 'The Longevity Book'

1. Prescription meds have their place in a healthy lifestyle, but they aren’t everything. Like I said, Diaz did her research. Stats say almost 70 percent of Americans take at least one daily prescription medication regularly. And guess who are taking most of them? Women and older people.

While there are definitely times when prescriptions are warranted, wellness pros these days know that drugs are not always the best option for certain health issues. A healthy lifestyle that helps to ward off illness and premature aging is the best route to take for extended vitality.

2. Diaz is into preventative medicine. You know about the whole mammogram debate, right? Does this preventative screening find issues that would have resolved themselves, resulting in unnecessary treatments? Is the radiation from the mammograms harmful itself? Some health care professionals say they are an absolute must, others have their doubts. Diaz take on the mammogram debate? Get age appropriate annual screenings, which is now an annual mamm for those 50 and over.

3. Positivity makes you live longer. In case there is any doubt, bubbly Diaz believes in PMA. But a positive attitude goes beyond simply making you feel happier. Her book says a study shows happy people live an average of 7.5 years longer. Not born with a naturally sunny disposition? No worries. PMA is part DNA, part enviro, part culture, so there is hope for everyone.

4. Hormonal changes can be supported naturally. Maybe not news to you or me, but it is always a good thing to see the whole hormone issue is getting more attention. What used to be written off as female hysteria is now viewed as real deal issues, linked to a long list of symptoms and a variety of diseases. The book includes a section that addresses the health of all the bodily systems and organs, and ways to support their good health through healthful diet and lifestyle.

5. Friends and family are another important component of good health. Community is not generally noted in the list of lifestyle factors essential to optimal health. Diaz shows how a support group is critical to wellness and happiness now and as we age. Share your lifestyle tips and struggles with your posse and partner.

6. Food, exercise, and rest is all you really need to know. Eat healthy whole foods, move daily, get adequate rest. Not news, but the crux of healthy mind and body.

7. Meditate to look and feel better. No surprise, Diaz recommends regular meditation to abate stress. Chronic stress is linked to out of whack hormone levels and inflammation. We know that inflammation is linked to disease. If you are not yet om-ing out, might want to start.

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